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Embracing Unity for a Sustainable Future: The 7th CBC Annual Leadership Forum and World CleanTech Awards 2023 at the joint gathering by CBC, Dii Desert Energy, ACWA Power and KAUST

In January 2024, the CleanTech Business Club, in partnership with Dii Desert Energy, ACWA Power, and KAUST, marked the year's start by hosting a significant event at KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia.

This collaborative gathering highlighted our #TogetherWeAreStronger ethos, featuring the 7th CBC Annual Leadership Forum, the World CleanTech Awards - Edition 2023 KAUST Ceremony as well as the joint CBC, Dii Desert Energy & ACWA Power Gala Dinner.

This gathering offered our CBC Leaders a unique platform to interact with visionary leaders, World Cleantech Awards recipients, and pioneers in the cleantech sector, esteemed partners at Dii Desert Energy during their exclusive Dii Partner Meeting, and connect with the ACWA Power Chairman Mr. Mohammad A. Abunayyan, the management team and hundreds of guests during their one-of-a-kind ACWA Power Innovation Days.

A pivotal moment was the signing of a Collaboration Agreement between CBC, the New Energy Industry Association for Asia and the Pacific (representing SNEC, the largest exhibition in the solar, energy storage and hydrogen space), and ACWA Power, to outline the collaborative efforts and mutual benefits in the fields of clean technology, renewable energy, green hydrogen and clean water with a special emphasis on innovation in water desalination and sustainable development for the years 2024 and beyond.

See Full Photo Gallery - HERE

Meet the Winners of the World CleanTech Awards - Edition 2023 KAUST Ceremony - HERE



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