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About The Club

In the last decade, the CleanTech Business Club has brought together trusted leaders in solar, CleanTech, and other disruptive technology industries with financial communities, top corporations, energy companies, utilities, political decision-makers, and public opinion influencers. They have worked together to scale up CleanTech investments from billions to trillions while shaping the future today.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis in 2020, CBC leaders launched the #TogetherWeAreStronger initiative, driven by the power of H2H blockchain and United DNA. They committed themselves to their manifesto, #Declaration2030, to jointly anticipate, shape, and lead the CleanTech decade.

As a unique Multi-Sectorial, Multi-Stakeholder and Multi-National “Think-DO-Tank” in the CleanTech space, CBC introduced business facilities and expert services to bring their members' skills to global markets while enhancing their own businesses, thus “Paving the way for groundbreaking business collaborations and ventures”.

By igniting business ventures, delivering unique financial solutions and sharing expertise and knowledge, CBC leaders steer decision-makers and related stakeholders, charting a course beyond sustainability toward the world's regenerative development.  

As a united force, CBC's leaders and partners empower the CleanTech decade by combining business with meaningfulness and joy, demonstrating that #TogetherWeAreStronger. 

Thumbs Up for CleanTech!

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Learn about The Club in 100 seconds

What makes The Club Unique?

1. Private and Independent Leadership “Think-Do-Tank”

2. Multi-national: 36 Countries on 6 Continents

3. Multi-sectorial: Representing All Key Clean Technologies

4. Multi-stakeholder: H2H Blockchain uniting the Leaders of Finance & Investors, Utilities, Energy  Companies and Corporations as well as Political Decision-Makers and Public Opinion Influencers

5. Leaders united by their DNAs who share The Common Vision and Values:

  • CBC Manifesto = #Declaration2030

  • CBC Spirit = #TogetherWeAreStronger

  • CBC LifeStyle = Business + Meaningfulness + Joy

6. Paving the way for groundbreaking business collaborations and ventures

Worldwide Network powered by H2H Blockchain
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Hear  from Our Leaders

Eicke Weber round.png
Eicke Weber round.png
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"I truly believe that combining Business with Meaningfulness and Joy is an essence of an impactful entrepreneurial life.
Being together in CleanTech Business Club with similarly minded leaders around the world makes us stronger for good but also turbulent times, thus helping to shape a group of leaders able to drive The CleanTech Decade.
Let's make #TogetherWeAreStronger not just a slogan... Together!"

Leonardo Curioni, CBC Chair for LATAM & CBC Chair for Brazil

Founder, SICES Solar

Eicke Weber round.png
Eicke Weber round.png
Elite Member icon.png

“CleanTech Business Club brings together leaders across the energy industry to promote technologies and innovations that can reshape the future of energy.”

Frank Qiao, CBC Premium Member

Co-Founder and Vice President, Growatt

Eicke Weber round.png
Eicke Weber round.png
Elite Member icon.png

“The world is now experimenting a deep technological disruption which will transform radically our mindsets, lifestyles, and business models. Cleantech irrigates this disruption and will attract trillions in investment as soon as scalable financial structures are in place. CleanTech Business Club is one of the very few places where these arrangements are understood, discussed, designed, and socialized for the common good.”

Jean-Pascal Pham-Ba, CBC Chair of Financial & Investor Hub

CEO, Scale; Co-Founder and CEO, Mentors; Secretary General, Terrawatt Initiative

Secretary General and Spokesperson at Terrawatt Initiative

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Join CBC Family Around the World! 
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CBC Family Spirit

H2H Blockchain Structure
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Meet CBC Leaders & Experts

CBC Chairs & CEOs Assembly

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  • Premier Assembly that brings together CleanTech, Green Hydrogen, and disruptive industries like AI, blockchain, and IoT, in collaboration with relevant stakeholders from finance, utilities, and energy sectors. It is designed for key decision-makers including:

    • Chairs, CEOs & Senior Executives from multinational corporations (CBC Members, Strategic Partners & Invited Guests)

    • Chairs & Co-Chairs of CBC Hubs (Technology, Business, Regional & National)

  • Featuring exclusive, high-level intimate gatherings across all continents

  • Crafting and disseminating a unified vision through its annually published “Joint Roadmap: Towards The Regenerative World’, the “The Future” Book+ Project and MarCom Tools

  • Paving the way for groundbreaking business collaborations and ventures

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CBC Hubs

CBC Business & Technologies Hubs, “Think-Do-Tanks” of respective sectors, unite the Sectorial Leaders worldwide, while CBC Regional & Countries Hubs unite the Leaders on regional and national levels


CBC Hubs work independently and in line with #Declaration2030, CBC #TogetherWeAreStronger Spirit and in cross-fertilisation with other CBC Hubs. 

Each Hub has its Virtual Epicenter on CBC 2.0 Digital Platform for Essential Sectorial TV & News, Events & Knowledge Resources, Business & Job Opportunities. 

CBC Hubs.png

Hydrogen + CleanTech = The Best Fiends Forever!

QVGH Paris 2022 Gallery.png
Adamo Screnci round.png
Elite Member icon.png
CBC Associated Experts Logo Fram 3D LQ.png

"CleanTech Business Club Green Hydrogen Hub unites both, the visionary leaders coming from CleanTech and Hydrogen sectors, that     is why it is an extraordinary Human To Human network to jointly lead   the energy & transportation transformation as #TogetherWeAreStronger  and Hydrogen (Green) and CleanTech are the Best Friends Forever!”. 

Adamo Screnci, CBC Chair of Green Hydrogen Hub

Hydrogen Pioneer, Expert & Entrepreneur

CBC Green Hydrogen Hub - Modus Operandi

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Green Hydrogen Woman LQ.jpg

Quo Vadis Green Hydrogen? - Joint Roadmap+ Project

QVGH book.png

Hear  from Our Leaders

Eicke Weber round.png
Eicke Weber round.png
Elite Member icon.png

"Japan is a country where trusted Human To Human relationship is highly valued since centuries that is why I was extremely happy to join the group of visionary leaders around the world who share this value as well.
As a Co-Founder of a multinational company, I have always believed in #TogetherWeAreStronger motto, and that is why I decided to work together with other Leaders of CleanTech Business Club for the better world."

Kenta Kagikawa, CBC Chair for Japan

President, Univergy

Eicke Weber round.png
Eicke Weber round.png
Elite Member icon.png

"With years of experience in renewable energies, impact investing and politics, CleanTech Business Club for me is THE platform to meet likeminded people to make the world a better and sustainable place."

Dr. Claas Helmke, CBC Co-Chair of Financial & Investor Hub

Founder & CEO,

CBC Business Facilities & Expert Services

As a CleanTech "Think-DO-Tank" with a Multi-sectorial, Multi-stakeholder, and Multi-national approach, we have introduced CBC Business Facilities and Expert Services to enable our members and partners to expand their skills globally while enhancing their businesses. 

CBC Business Facilities include between others CBC Project Financing & Origination Facility powered by Orisun Invest, and on the Expertise Side, The Club operates the following initiatives:

  • CleanTech Associated Experts (CAE)  - which brings together trusted business, technology, politics, finance, and investment leaders and experts to share their expertise with other CBC members, partners, and the global market.

  • CleanTech Business Institute (CBI) - which empowers current and future leaders in the CleanTech industry through its unique board of lecturers composed by companies founders & CEOs, above mentioned industry experts and visionaries.

  • CleanTech StartUp Hub (CSH) - which unites regional startup hubs, accelerators, and individual startups and brings them to the global market through the World CleanTech StartUPs Awards, and in the future, the "CleanTech StartUp Hub ScaleUp+ Program”.

  • CBC Leadership TV (CBC TV) - which produces high-quality video content featuring TV Talks with top industry leaders and discussions with CleanTech visionaries and experts.  This content is specifically designed to provide key knowledge to business, financial, and political decision-makers. It is available on multiple platforms, including the CBC website, CBC YouTube Channel and social media channels, keeping CleanTech professionals up-to-date with the latest industry developments.

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CBC Project Financing & Origination Facility powered by Orisun Invest

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Premium Member.png
orisun frame.png

"CBC is the only private and independent network of clean energy leaders across the globe active in over 30 countries and uniting industry with financial leaders & investors but also utilities and energy companies. 

Through CBC Project Financing & Origination Facility powered by Orisun Invest we help the most promising solar and wind projects which we identify through our platform, by making sure that all key stakeholders and project elements come together at the right place. Thus the projects can benefit from the amazing resources we have among all club members and partners, while they can grow their businesses as #TogetherWeAreStronger.”

Karim Megherbi, CBC Co-Chair of Financial & Investor Hub

Founding Executive Director, Orisun Invest

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