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What makes The Club Unique?

  1. Private and Independent Leadership “Think-Do-Tank”

  2. Multi-national: 36 Countries on 6 Continents

  3. Multi-sectorial: Representing All Key Clean Technologies

  4. Multi-stakeholder: H2H Blockchain uniting CleanTech Leaders’ DNAs with DNAs of the Leaders of Finance & Investors, Utilities, Energy Companies and Corporations as well as Political Decision-Makers and Public Opinion Influencers

  5. Leaders who share The Common Vision and Values:

  • CBC Manifesto = #Declaration2030

  • CBC Spirit = #TogetherWeAreStronger

  • CBC LifeStyle = Business + Meaningfulness + Joy

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About The Club

Over the last couple of years, CleanTech Business Club, a Private & Independent Human To Human Leadership Club has been bringing together Trusted Leaders of Solar, CleanTech and other Disruptive Technologies Industries with The Leaders of the Financial Community and Investors, Top Corporations, Energy Companies and Utilities as well as Political Decision-Makers and Public Opinion Influencers, and work hand in hand with them to scale up CleanTech investments from Billion$ to Trillion$ while Shaping The Future Today. 


In 2020 faced with COVID-19 crises , CleanTech Business Club Leaders Driven by the Power of H2H Blockchain and United DNA, started the #TogetherWeAreStronger Initiative and committed themselves to its Manifesto: #Declaration2030 - to jointly Anticipate, Shape and Lead Together The CleanTech Decade!

Our #Declaration2030 is a call to all to unite and together transform our planet, as Together we are more effective than apart.

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…and now, in 2022, we launch CBC Worldwide Chair & CEO Brainstorm & Gatherings to respond to challenges and identify opportunities which dynamically changing geopolitical situation might bring out for CleanTech Business and Markets 

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CBC Worldwide CEO & Chair

Brainstorm Gatherings 2022

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Hear  from Our Leaders

Eicke Weber round.png
Eicke Weber round.png
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"I truly believe that combining Business with Meaningfulness and Joy is an essence of an impactful entrepreneurial life.
Being together in CleanTech Business Club with similarly minded leaders around the world makes us stronger for good but also turbulent times, thus helping to shape a group of leaders able to drive The CleanTech Decade.
Let's make #TogetherWeAreStronger not just a slogan... Together!"

Leonardo Curioni, CBC Chair for LATAM & CBC Chair for Brazil

Founder, SICES Solar

Eicke Weber round.png
Eicke Weber round.png
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“CleanTech Business Club brings together leaders across the energy industry to promote technologies and innovations that can reshape the future of energy.”

Frank Qiao, CBC Premium Member

Co-Founder and Vice President, Growatt

Eicke Weber round.png
Eicke Weber round.png
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“The world is now experimenting a deep technological disruption which will transform radically our mindsets, lifestyles, and business models. Cleantech irrigates this disruption and will attract trillions in investment as soon as scalable financial structures are in place. CleanTech Business Club is one of the very few places where these arrangements are understood, discussed, designed, and socialized for the common good.”

Jean-Pascal Pham-Ba, CBC Chair of Financial & Investor Hub

CEO, Scale; Co-Founder and CEO, Mentors; Secretary General, Terrawatt Initiative

Secretary General and Spokesperson at Terrawatt Initiative

Worldwide Network powered by H2H Blockchain
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H2H Blockchain Structure & Empowering Platforms
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The Club's Spirit

The Leadership Matrix graph.png

The Leadership Matrix

CBC Leadership, Business, and Technologies Hubs are “Think-Do-Tanks” of respective sectors which unite The Sectorial Leaders Worldwide, while Countries Hubs unite The Leaders on the national level. 

The Hubs work independently and in line with #Declaration2030, CBC #TogetherWeAreStronger Spirit and cross-fertilisation with other Hubs.

Every January, CBC Members & Partners meet at the CBC Annual Leadership Forum held in Abu Dhabi, to adjust a roadmap on how to reach #Declaration2030 Goals and Lead The CleanTech Decade Together! 


While building close and trusted H2H relationships, CBC Leaders: 

  • Better understand the future and anticipate it while making their business choices

  • Do business more efficiently through direct access to other trusted leaders as in a fast & exponentially growing business “every second counts” & “trust is the king”)

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CBC Hubs Functioning
CBC Hubs Modus Operendi Thumbnail.png
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The Expertise Side

On the Expertise Side, The Club operates the following initiatives:

  • CBC Associated Experts Hub (CAEH) - which associates Trusted & Well-Connected Business, Technology, Politics, Finance and Investment Leaders & Experts, and brings their expertise to other CBC Members & Partners but also to the global market 

  • CleanTech Business Institute (CBI) - which helps CBC Members, Partners and CleanTech Industry Empowering Current Leaders. Having a unique Lecturers Board (Business, Technology, Politics, Finance & Investment Leaders and Experts), the Institute also Educates & Trains Future Leaders in partnership with the Leading Institutes & Universities 

  • CleanTech StartUp Hub (CSH) - which unites regional StartUP Hubs, Accelerators and individual StartUPs and through its dedicated "CleanTech StartUp Hub ScaleUp+ Program” brings them to the global market. CSH also helps CBC Members & Partners get first-hand investment opportunities in pre-selected StartUPs & Disruptive Technologies

  • CleanTech Business Media (CBM) - which brings together Trusted Local Media Companies to produce high-value content for CBC Empowering Platforms. It also provides CBC Members & Partners with “One Stop Shop Media Services” worldwide

CBC Experetise Side May 2022.png

Hear  from Our Leaders

Eicke Weber round.png
Eicke Weber round.png
Elite Member icon.png

"Japan is a country where trusted Human To Human relationship is highly valued since centuries that is why I was extremely happy to join the group of visionary leaders around the world who share this value as well.
As a Co-Founder of a multinational company, I have always believed in #TogetherWeAreStronger motto, and that is why I decided to work together with other Leaders of CleanTech Business Club for the better world."

Kenta Kagikawa, CBC Chair for Japan

President, Univergy

Eicke Weber round.png
Eicke Weber round.png
Elite Member icon.png

"As one of the key CleanTech Business Club initiatives is Empowering Women Hub, we can exchange experiences and ideas but also make true a business with same-minded Women Entrepreneurs around the World.
To transform Africa towards clean energies, we need to give African Women Entrepreneurs "the wings" and with CBC Empowering Women Hub we will do it as #TogetherWeAreStronger"

Diane Stéphnanie T. Sanhouidi Hounsou, CBC Chair for Burkina Faso

Executive Manager, GCINTER SA

Eicke Weber round.png
Eicke Weber round.png
Elite Member icon.png

"With years of experience in renewable energies, impact investing and politics, CleanTech Business Club for me is THE platform to meet likeminded people to make the world a better and sustainable place."

Dr. Claas Helmke, CBC Co-Chair of Financial & Investor Hub

Partner, Wermuth Asset Management (WAM)

Founder & Executive Board Member, GermanZero

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Empowering Business Tools

www Empowering Tools.png

Empowering Business Tools by CBC help unite CleanTech Industry with related stakeholders while empowering their businesses and guiding them “24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year"

  • Members & Partners Virtual VIP Hubs*

  • News & Knowledge Center*

  • CleanTech Business TV (CB.TV)

  • Leadership & Expert Hus *

  • “Roads to Success!” Endorsed by CBC -> Dedicated Zone*

  • Projects & Deals Zone*

  • Products & Services Zone*

  • CleanTech TV Shop*

  • CBC Networking Groups in Networking Hub*

  • CBC Marketing & Communication Tools:                                      

EIN Presswire, CBC eNewsletter (61.000+), Twitter (11.300+) LinkedIn: Private (22.450+) Newsletter (5.800+) Groups (430.000+) Youtube (2.500+), Total Outreach (670.000+)

*Empowering Business Tools will be available from September 2022, as a part of CBC Global Platform -> the first step before launching the World CleanTech Hub (Q2 2023)

Get Your Company VIP Virtual  Hub
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World CleanTech Awards

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Founded in 2017, Solar Future Today Visionary Influencers Awards have been honoring Visionary Individuals who made a significant impact on Solar & Cleantech Policy, Business or Awareness over the Year, or for their Lifetime Achievements.

In 2021, the Awards powered by CleanTech Business Club, became World CleanTech Awards to honor not only Visionary Individuals but also Visionary “Well-established Companies” & StartUps that Pave The Way for CleanTech Transformation during The CleanTech Decade.

World CleanTech Awards - Edition 2021_Dubai 2022_1.jpg
Paving The Way  for CleanTech Transformation

Hear  from The Awards Chair

Eicke Weber round.png
Eicke Weber round.png
Elite Member icon.png

"The CleanTech Business Club provides the platform to realize the rapid transformation of our global energy system to 100% RE. The CBC World CleanTech Awards, that I have the privilege to chair, honor visionary individuals, well-established companies but also disruptive startups that are paving this way during the current CleanTech Decade"

Prof. Eicke R. Weber, CBC Chair of World CleanTech Awards

Chairman, European Solar Manufacturing Council

Former Director, Fraunhofer ISE, Freiburg; Professor Emeritus, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, UC Berkeley

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Meet Awardees