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CBC Strategic & Knowledge Partnership

Strategic & Knowledge Partnership is reserved to the leading International or National Industry Associations, Organisations and Institutions as well as Top Events, Market Research Companies, Media Outlets and Social Media Influencers.

CBC is cemented by H2H Blockchain thus every potential Partner shall be introduced by a current CBC Member or Partner, and its Application will be subject for approval by The Admission Committee. 

Partnership Types
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CBC & Dii Strategic Partnership

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"CleanTech Business Club is connecting people and continents, and together we realize a common mission “No Emissions" as #TogetherWeAreStronger!"

Cornelius Matthes, CBC Chair for Middle East

CEO at Desert Energy, Investor in emission free technologies

5 Reasons to Become a Strategic or Knowledge Partner

  1. Join the only Multi-national, Multi-sectorial, Multi-stakeholder CleanTech community to unite with passionate leaders who share your organisation values #TogetherWeAreStronger! 

  2. Leverage the power of CBC's extensive network, high-level events, and marketing tools to promote your organisation's brand and expand your and your members business opportunities.

  3. Give your members access to expert services through CBC's Associated Experts Network and CBC Business Facilities to support their growth and development. 

  4. Bring your members to CBC's visionary projects, such as “Fez Sustainable+ City of the Future”, to bring your company business to the forefront of CleanTech innovation and disruption. 

  5. Gain access to trusted business, technology, financial partners, and investors, while enriching your and your members business lifestyle by combining business with meaningfulness and joy.

Explore All Benefits

Go to ***Documents & Tutorials*** and explore all benefits in a short Video Tutorial or respective Publication and Presentation. 

Hear  from Our Leaders

Eicke Weber round.png
Eicke Weber round.png
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"Africa as in some way a virgin ground for clean technologies has the biggest potential in transforming into a CleanTech Continent. Together with my fellow CleanTech Business Club Leaders around the globe we will do our best to make this transformation happen as quickly as possible, as #TogetherWeAreStronger and more effective than apart"

Mozart Hounsou, CBC Chair for Benin & CBC Chair for West Africa


VIP Member of West Africa Chamber of Trade and Industries

Eicke Weber round.png
Eicke Weber round.png
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"CleanTech Business Club connects, empowers and recognises excellence and impact across all continents. Net zero can only be achieved fast enough through collective action and CBC helps inspire that action."

Bruce Douglas, CBC Co-Chair for Europe

CEO at Global Renewables Alliance

Former Co-Chair of Global Solar Council & COO at SolarPower Europe

Eicke Weber round.png
Eicke Weber round.png
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“Humanity faces its greatest challenge. We must change our way of doing things ASAP. We have to promote this transformation. #TogetherWeAreStronger!…..and smarter!”

Marcelo Alvarez, CBC Chair for Argentina

Secretary & Latam Task Force Coordinator, Global Solar Council

Former President of Argentinean Renewable Energy Chamber and Chief of Solar Energy Commission

Get Your Organisation Virtual  VIP Hub
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Hear  from Our Leaders

Eicke Weber round.png
Eicke Weber round.png
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"CleanTech Business Club is Brilliant Partner of human race for quick Energy Transition to mitigate climate change and create RE Global leadership for promoting profitable RE business and in turn ensuring access to masses of cost effective Renewable Energy.
Right to Energy may be taken up at UN General Assembly and be included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Thanks to CBC for joining hands with DGEF for making Right to Energy possible!"

Raj Singh Niranjan, CBC Legal Adviser & CBC Vice-Chair for India

Founder, Trans India Law Associates (TILA)

Legal Advisor at International Solar Alliance (ISA)

Eicke Weber round.png
Eicke Weber round.png
Elite Member icon.png

“CleanTech Business Club is the major networking platform for bringing together the business and thought leaders who can enable a rapid decarbonization of our energy system and put is on a pathway of 100 % Renewable Energy. The CBC’s urgent and compelling messages for CleanTech solutions made through its members and through its forums and events are key to mobilizing the community to address head on the climate change challenges humankind is facing.”

Dr. David Renné, CBC Visionary Advisor

Founder, Dave Renné Renewables

ISES Immediate Past President USA

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