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CBC Business Solutions & Ventures

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​​As a unique multi-sector, multi-stakeholder, and multinational family-like action-driven leadership “Think-Do-Tank," CBC offers business solutions, expert services and groundbreaking ventures to help its members and partners capitalise on multi-trillion-dollar opportunities in the CleanTech, Clean Hydrogen, and Clean Water sectors.

1. ​CBC Business Solutions powered by Cleanvestree, the business arm of CBC, offers a range of services to support the diverse business needs of CBC members and partners. These include project financing and origination facilities, and financing for startups.

CBC Expert Services connects business, technology, politics, finance, and investment leaders to share their expertise globally. This includes R&D and technology advisory, business development advisory, and governmental and institutional advisory

Additionally, CBC fosters collaboration through the #TogetherWeAreStronger Consortiums & Ecosystems, with the first venture being Go For Hydrogen Africa (GFHA), Clean Hydrogen Epicentre for Morocco and  Africa.

2. ​CleanTech Business Institute (CBI) empowers current and future leaders in the CleanTech industry through sharing the knowledge of its unique board of lecturers composed by companies founders & CEOs, industry experts and visionaries.


3. CleanTech StartUP Hub (CSH) unites regional startup hubs, accelerators, and individual startups, helping them scale up through CBC StartUPs’ Financing Facilities, which include expert guidance and support for securing public funding for startups in Europe, powered by Euro-Funding.

CSH connects startups with industry leaders, experts, and investors through its CBC network and the joint EU-funded project Investment Network for Sustainability Focused Startups (IN4SFS).

Additionally, CSH brings startups to the global market via the World CleanTech StartUPs Awards and CBC's global network and communication tools.

CBC Business Solutions powered by Cleanvestree (the business arm of CBC)​
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Cleanvestree, the business arm of CBC, serves as the CBC Business & Startup Hub for the Middle East, which also coordinates a suite of CBC Business Solutions on a global level.

These solutions include:

  • CBC Project Financing & Origination Facilities including services powered by Orisun Invest to support project funding and development.

  • CBC StartUPs’ Financing Facilities providing comprehensive support for startups, including services powered by Euro-Funding, which offers expert guidance and support for securing public funding for startups in Europe

  • CBC Expert Services bringing together trusted leaders and experts in business, technology, politics, finance, and investment to share their knowledge with CBC members, partners, and the global market through:​

    • CBC R&D and Technology Advisory

    • CBC Business Development Advisory 

    • CBC Governmental & Institutional Advisory


​Additionally, Cleanvestree fosters collaborative initiatives through CBC #TogetherWeAreStronger Consortiums & Ecosystems, with the inaugural venture being Go For Hydrogen Africa (GFHA).

Project Financing & Origination

CBC Project Financing & Origination Facility powered by Orisun Invest

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"CBC is the only private and independent network of clean energy leaders across the globe active in over 30 countries and uniting industry with financial leaders & investors but also utilities and energy companies. 

Through CBC Project Financing & Origination Facility powered by Orisun Invest we help the most promising solar and wind projects which we identify through our platform, by making sure that all key stakeholders and project elements come together at the right place. Thus the projects can benefit from the amazing resources we have among all club members and partners, while they can grow their businesses as #TogetherWeAreStronger.”

Karim Megherbi, CBC Co-Chair of Financial & Investor Hub

Founding Executive Director, Orisun Invest

Public Funding for European StartUPs

CBC Expert Guidance and Support
for Securing Public Funding for Startups in Europe,
powered by Euro-Funding

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Services are provided by Euro-Funding, a leading consultancy specializing in securing public funding and subsidies for innovative projects across Europe, and they include:

  • Expert Guidance on Public Funding: Euro-Funding will provide startups with expert advice on navigating the complexities of European public funding, helping them identify and apply for the most suitable grants and subsidies.

  • Strategic Funding Plans: Developing tailored funding strategies that align with each startup’s specific needs and growth plans, ensuring they have the financial support required to scale their innovations.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Assisting startups in understanding and meeting the regulatory requirements associated with public funding, ensuring compliance and increasing the chances of successful funding applications.

  • Resource Optimization: Helping startups optimize their resources by identifying the best funding opportunities and providing support throughout the application process, from preparation to submission and follow-up.

Services are part of CBC Business Solutions, powered by Cleanvestree, and are integrated into the CBC CleanTech StartUP Hub’s Financing Facilities. This comprehensive support system aims to foster innovation, promote clean technologies, and drive the growth of sustainable business practices.


Interested in these services? Please contact Marie Latour, European Affairs Director at Euro-Funding and CBC Co-Chair of the CleanTech StartUP Hub (In Charge of EU Funding).

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Empowering Clean Hydrogen Transformation in Morocco and Africa

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“The First CBC #TogetherWeAreStronger Consortium & Ecosystem venture in Morocco, with its Clean Hydrogen Epicentre, Go For Hydrogen Africa (GFHA), marks a pivotal moment for the clean hydrogen transformation in Morocco and across the African continent. We anticipate that Morocco alone will require 50 GW of electrolyser capacity to meet the country's clean hydrogen ambitions, with Africa requiring over 100 GW.

Morocco has a tremendous opportunity to become “the Continental Hub of Clean Hydrogen,” not only for production and export but also as a manufacturing center for clean hydrogen equipment, including electrolysers, refueling stations, and other renewable energy technologies such as solar panels, wind turbines, and battery storage systems. This can position Morocco as one of the leaders in the global clean and renewable hydrogen economy. 

Clean hydrogen has the potential to drive economic development and bring prosperity to Morocco and the entire African continent, and we are here to help empower this transformation. #TogetherWeAreStronger!

Mostafa Boulal, CEO at Go For Hydrogen Africa (GFHA)

CBC Co-Chair for Morocco; CBC Co-Chair of Clean Water Hub (In Charge of Africa)

CEO at COREAS High-Tech

Thank you for being with us in Marrakesh!

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Clean Hydrogen Epicenter for Morocco & Africa

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CleanTech Business Club at 10th CBC Anniversary Gala_116.jpeg
CBC #TogetherWeAreStronger Consortium for Morocco & Africa
CleanTech Business Club at 10th CBC Anniversary Gala_117.jpeg
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CBC Leadership Delegation
to SNEC PV & Guofuhee, China
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