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CBC Hubs

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CBC Business & Technology Hubs, “Think-Do-Tanks” of respective sectors, unite the Sectorial Leaders worldwide, while CBC Regional & Countries Hubs unite the Leaders on regional and national levels. 

CBC Hubs work independently and in line with #Declaration2030, #JointManifesto2023 as well as #TogetherWeAreStronger Spirit and in cross-fertilisation with other CBC Hubs. 


CBC Hubs Leaders ensure that their technology or business sectors, regions and/or countries’ voices are taken into consideration while shaping the CBC Impact Legacy Series: “Quo Vadis Clean Hydrogen?”, “StorageVersity”, “Clean Water Blueprint”, and “The Future - Towards The Regenerative World” which steer decision-makers and related stakeholders. 

CBC Hubs’ Leaders represent The Club:

  • Towards other Business Stakeholders

  • Towards Sectorial, Regional or National Political Decision-Makers, Institutions & Organisations

  • Partnering Media and other Media Outlets

…Moreover, CBC Countries’ Chairs are the first contact people in their countries towards international stakeholders


CBC Hubs’ Leaders interact at: ​​

  • CBC Exclusive Gatherings, Sectorial, Conferences and Exhibitions, or Sessions powered by CBC 

  • CBC Networking Groups on WhatsApp

  • Bilateral & Multilateral Meetings with Political Decision-Makers, Institutions & Organisations

CBC Hubs’ Leaders communicate to The World through:​​​

  • Speaking and/or representing their Hubs at the above meetings and events

  • Interviews & articles on CBC Platform, CBC TV, Partnering Media and other Media Outlets 

  • CBC Marketing & Communication Tools (access to 930.000+ people around the world) 

  • Communication channels of CBC Partners and Members own communication channels 


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CBC Hubs Matrix

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See The Showcase: CBC Clean Hydrogen Hub

CBC Hubs News

CBC Hubs' Leaders Driving The Future

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"The CBC Impact Legacy Series" represents a critical collaboration among leaders from the cleantech, hydrogen, and water industries, aiming to synchronize their diverse visions and strategic roadmaps to achieve scalable, multi-trillion-dollar ambitions. 

This initiative leverages the unique DNAs and human-to-human relationships of industry leaders to foster integrated innovation. By aligning these interconnected sectors, the series not only tackles immediate environmental challenges but also unlocks substantial economic opportunities, driving investment into sustainable practices...

CleanTech Business Club at SNEC H2 & ES 2023_59.jpeg

5 Messages From CleanTech to Hydrogen Leaders 

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