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CBC Individual Membership

As a Private & Independent Club, CBC Leadership welcomes Individuals (CleanTech Industry or related Stakeholders Leaders & Experts) driven by their Visionary DNAs and committed to The Club’s Manifesto:  #Declaration2030.

CBC is cemented by H2H Blockchain thus every Applicant for the Club's Elite, Premium or Full Membership shall be introduced by two current CBC Members, and her/his Application will be subject for approval by The Admission Committee.

Membership Levels

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CBC & Ines Visionary Partnership

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“CEA-INES has been serving solar innovation for 16 years and now with INES.2S, Energy Transition Institute, becomes a centerpiece of R&D focused on the whole energy transformation in France but also worldwide. That is why we joined forces with same-minded Visionary Industry Leaders that unite in CleanTech Business Club to lead the world’s transformation together! Our Joint “ScaleUp+ Program” for will revolutionize access of StartUps & SMEs with their disruptive technologies and business models to the worldwide markets.

Anis Jouini, Chair of CBC StartUp & SME Hub

CEO at CEA-INES (The French Solar Energy Institute)

5 Reasons to Become a Member

  1. Get access to the only Worldwide CleanTech Business Network driven by the Power of H2H Blockchain and United DNA

  2. Empower Your Personal Brand, Expert Services & Business ”24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year"

  3. Promote Worldwide Your Visionary Leadership

  4. Empower Your LifeStyle by combining Business with Meaningfulness and Joy

  5. Gain Trustful Customers, Business & Financial Partners …. and Anticipate, Shape and Lead The CleanTech Decade together with them!

Explore All Benefits

Go to ***Documents & Tutorials*** and learn about all benefits in a short Video Tutorial, Publication and Presentation. 

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Hear  from Our Leaders

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“This transformational decade will unleash the full potential of all resources to make our planet more Sustainable, resilient, diverse yet inclusive. CBC will lead the path to this transformation.”

Dr. Rashi Gupta "Batterywali" , CBC Chair of Energy Storage Hub & Vice-Chair for India

Managing Director, Vision Mechatronics

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"CleanTech Business Club is an innovative platform of experts & visionaries with the goal to change the mindset of decision makers across the globe. Cleantech Technology disruption will help humanity achieve a sustainable & resilient way of living on earth."

Jalel Hamila, CBC Chair for Tunisia & Co-Chair Africa

Vice President Global Strategic Account WAMEA-APAC, JA Solar

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"An inter disciplinary potpourri of visionary leaders in cleantech joining heads from all over the world with one ultimate goal: a clean energy future that’s sustainable over generations. A human to human, heart to heart communication network across CBC members sets the core foundation of the Club’s motto: “Together we are stronger!”.

Necati Doruk Ozulu, CBC Chair for Canada

CEO at EFOSS Corporation

Country Sales Manager Canada & Midwest USA at Trina Solar


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Hear  from Our Leaders

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"CleanTech Business Club brings together global energy industry leaders committed to developing products and services to improve people's quality of life.
I believe that thanks to Human To Human trusted relations with them we can together transform Brazil into one of the leaders of the world's transformation, while boosting our economy and improving people's lives."

Antonio Celso de Abreu Junior, CBC Honorary Chair for Brazil

Solar Pioneer in Brazil

Former Director of the Department of Social Policies and Universalization of Access to Energy in the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Brazil

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"In CleanTech Business Club we are feeling the breeze of the new era were sustainability become part of our life, making technology at the planet service let us be in the right place at the right time.
We want to leave a sign in this word for the future generation, we are stronger together."

Enrico Carniato, CBC Vice-Chair for Italy

Group Deputy General Manager - Global Finance and Business Development, Upsolar Group

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Eicke Weber round.png
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"Being CleanTech Business Club Co-Chair for Africa and having CBC Global Leaders DNA by my side empowers me while meeting with African Authorities and Top Business Leaders and at the same time it empowers The Club and makes it stronger on the continent.
Our goal is to have CBC representatives in every African country by the end of 2022, which will allow us to drive inclusive CleanTech Transformation for the benefit of every nation on the continent... and we will do it as #TogetherWeAreStronger."

Mansour Diagne, CBC Co-Chair for Africa

Director Sales in MEA, Univergy