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Announcing the 2023 World CleanTech Awards Winners: Visionary Pioneers and Emerging Leaders in Clean Technology and Green Hydrogen at KAUST, Saudi Arabia

Powered by the CleanTech Business Club: The 2023 World CleanTech Awards Honour Visionary Pioneers and Emerging Leaders Advancing Clean Technology and the Green Hydrogen Revolution.

Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, February 7, 2024 - The World CleanTech Awards 2023 “WCA2023 KAUST Ceremony”, held on January 23, 2024, at KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology), has showcased pioneers and emerging stars in Clean Technology and Green Hydrogen. The event, a part of a collaborative gathering among the CleanTech Business Club (CBC), ACWA Power, Dii Desert Energy, and KAUST, on the occasion of the ACWA Power Innovation Days 2024, honoured the disruptors and innovators leading the CleanTech Transformation and Green Hydrogen Revolution.

Prof. Eicke R. Weber, Chair of the WCA Jury, Vice-Chair of the European Solar Manufacturing Council and Former Director of Fraunhofer ISE, reflected on the significance of the awards: “It is an honour to acknowledge the remarkable efforts of our awardees towards a 100% renewable energy future. Their dedication exemplifies the collective strength necessary for the CleanTech Transformation, following our motto #TogetherWeAreStronger.“ 

The “WCA2023 KAUST Ceremony" highlighted the extraordinary achievements of four eminent figures: Pinfang Wu, celebrated as the "Father of Hydrogen in China"; Frank Wouters, a veteran with thirty years of pioneering work in CleanTech and Green Hydrogen; Dr. Jianhui Zhang, distinguished for his leadership in Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) within China; and Mikaa Mered, an emerging yet highly esteemed expert in Green Hydrogen Geopolitics. 

Meet th WCA2023 KAUST Ceremony Winners HERE

"We wholeheartedly congratulate all the winners, whose proactive efforts are significantly bridging the gap between dreaming of a better future and actualising it. Their actions are a beacon of change, showcasing the tangible impact of committed steps towards a zero-emission world”concluded Paul van Son, President at Dii Desert Energy and a member of the WCA Jury. 

This year, the World CleanTech Awards reached a notable milestone by initiating the tradition of hosting two annual ceremonies on different continents. This new approach emphasises the vital importance of personal, human-to-human (H2H) interactions in driving the CleanTech and Green Hydrogen mission, underlining the worldwide scope and the collective spirit of the #TogetherWeAreStronger movement aimed at fostering a sustainable and regenerative global community.

The upcoming "WCA2023 Munich Ceremony," slated for June 20, 2024, at the unique Künstler House, will coincide with the 10th CBC Anniversary Black-Tie Gala Celebration and the Smarter E Conference and Exhibition. It will continue celebrating the achievements of CleanTech and Green Hydrogen leaders, marking an important event in the global sustainability calendar.

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Watch below the WCA2023 KAUST Ceremony Video Coverage

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