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CleanTech Business Club Announces Strategic Partnership with ZETA to Enhance the Development and Integration of Clean Energy Markets

Updated: Jul 4

The CleanTech Business Club (CBC) is proud to announce a strategic partnership with ZETA (Zero Emissions Traders Alliance). This collaboration is designed to enhance the development and integration of clean energy markets, particularly in the MENA region, aiming to create a transparent, liquid market for zero-emissions products.

Objectives of the Partnership

The CBC-ZETA partnership seeks to:

  1. Create a Clean Energy Hub: ZETA aims to establish a 'Clean Energy Hub' in the MENA region, leveraging the area's abundant clean energy resources and vast undeveloped land. This hub will serve as a central point for trading low-carbon and renewable energy carriers, enhancing regional and global energy security​​​​.

  2. Foster Market Development: By promoting market-based mechanisms and creating a suitable market framework, the partnership will help achieve climate neutrality. ZETA will provide standard contracts and transaction tools to facilitate this transition​​​​.

  3. Support Policymakers: ZETA aims to guide policymakers and influencers along a cost-efficient path towards 'net zero' emissions, helping to shape regulations and policies that support sustainable energy practices in the MENA region​​.

  4. Promote Hydrogen and Green Certificates: The partnership will focus on the promotion of green hydrogen certificates and the development of hydrogen and ammonia price benchmarks, aligning with international market standards to enable liquidity in secondary markets​​.

About ZETA

ZETA is a non-profit organization established in September of last year as an affiliation of Dii Desertec Energy, co-founded by Dr. Jan Haizman and Paul Van Son. ZETA’s mission is to create an ecosystem that unites buyers and sellers of clean energy, facilitating discussions and influencing policymakers through working groups. The organization focuses on pivotal topics such as carbon trading, green certificates, and hydrogen benchmarking​​​​.

Role of CBC

The CleanTech Business Club, through this partnership, will leverage its international network to promote ZETA’s initiatives. CBC will:

  • Encourage Collaboration: Facilitate partnerships among industry leaders, policymakers, and investors to drive innovation in clean energy trading and sustainable business practices.

  • Advocate for Clean Technologies: Promote the adoption of clean technologies to reduce environmental impact and enhance energy efficiency. By leveraging CBC's power and network, we can significantly contribute to the objectives of the partnership, such as creating a Clean Energy Hub and fostering market development.

  • Engage with Policymakers: Work alongside ZETA to guide policymakers and influencers on a cost-efficient path towards 'net zero' emissions. CBC will help shape regulations and policies that support the development of sustainable energy markets in the MENA region.

Vision for the Future

This strategic partnership between CBC and ZETA is poised to create a robust ecosystem for clean energy markets, ensuring that innovative startups and established companies have the support needed to transition towards a sustainable, low-carbon economy. By combining ZETA's market expertise with CBC's extensive network, this collaboration is set to drive significant advancements in the clean energy sector.

Thumbs up for cleantech, clean hydrogen, and clean water! The Best Friends Forever! #TogetherWeAreStronger.

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