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World CleanTech Awards

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About The Awards


Founded in 2017, Solar Future Today (SFT) Visionary Influencers Awards have been honouring Visionary Individuals who made a significant impact on Solar Policy, Business or Awareness over the Year, or for their Lifetime Achievements.


In 2021, the Awards powered by the CleanTech Business Club, became the World CleanTech Awards (WCA), to honour Visionary Individuals that Pave The Way for CleanTech and Green Hydrogen Transformation during The CleanTech Decade and beyond. 

From 2023, a new dimension was added with the launch of the World CleanTech StartUPs Awards (WCSA). This annual global competition specifically acknowledges the most innovative and disruptive CleanTech startups, along with their visionary founders and investors. 

The goal of WCSA is to drive motivation and growth within the CleanTech industry, offering startups a platform to showcase their groundbreaking solutions.

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#WCA2023 KAUST Ceremony 

Hear from WCA Chair

Eicke Weber round.png
Eicke Weber round.png
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"The CleanTech Business Club provides the platform to realize the rapid transformation of our global energy system to 100% RE. The CBC World CleanTech Awards, that I have the privilege to chair, honor visionary individuals, well-established companies but also disruptive startups that are paving this way during the current CleanTech Decade"

Prof. Eicke R. Weber, CBC Chair of R&D, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Hub & CBC Chair of World CleanTech Awards

Vice-Chairman, European Solar Manufacturing Council

Former Director, Fraunhofer ISE, Freiburg; Professor Emeritus, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, UC Berkeley

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Meet WCA Winners

World CleanTech StartUPs Awards

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The World CleanTech StartUPs Awards (formerly part of the World CleanTech Awards), is an annual global competition that acknowledges and honors the most disruptive CleanTech startups across the globe. 

The competition strives to motivate and foster growth within the CleanTech industry by granting startups an opportunity to exhibit their innovative and disruptive solutions and attain acknowledgement for their endeavors in constructing a more sustainable and regenerative future. 

In honor of Paddy Padmanathan, the WCSA2023 Awards will present the Visionary Technology Disruptor (Paddy Padmanathan Award) to the startup with the most impactful, visionary, and disruptive technology innovation.

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Hear from WCSA Chair

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"The World CleanTech StartUp Awards 2023 - Visionary Technology Disruptor (Paddy Padmanathan Award) provides a unique platform for CleanTech startups to showcase their innovative solutions and receive recognition for their efforts towards building a sustainable future.

We are thrilled to launch this initiative and encourage startups worldwide to participate in this exciting opportunity.”

Prof. Anis Jouini, CBC Chair of CleanTech StartUp Hub and Chair of the Awards

CEO of CEA-INES (The French Solar Energy Institute)

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Solar Lights for Peace

Solar Lights for Peace is a campaign to provide safe, clean light for emergency situations and to expand access to quality education. 

CBC teams up with the charity Million Solar Stars and Namene Solar to find backing to fund and deliver Namene Solar’s award-winning solar lights to provide emergency lighting for people who have experienced natural disasters or war, to improve opportunities for education, and to replace harmfully, polluting kerosene lamps for families living in energy poverty. 

Together we provide individuals, organisations, and corporations the opportunity to take immediate, scalable action to support simultaneously: stability, social justice, education, and clean energy through one, or a combination of our Solar Lights for Peace Emergency or Educational Kits. 

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Hear from SLFP Chair

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“At Solar Lights for Peace, we believe in tackling social injustice as a root cause    of poverty and rising emissions. As a collaboration between CBC, Namene, Million Solar Stars, and Dii Desert Energy, we provide renewable, safe, and clean light to families without access to electricity due to extreme poverty or displacement.     By replacing harmful kerosene lamps, candles, and single-use battery torches, we not only improve health and financial security but also contribute to the protection of the environment. 

For me, being a part of this movement means placing the most vulnerable people's well-being at the heart of my work and using my skills to accelerate the transition to sustainability and prosperity for everyone.”

Francesca (Chessie) Shirley, CBC Chair of Solar Lights for Peace  

Solar Education Program Manager at Namene

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Emergency Package: Earthquake Relief 

Donate cost-effective, high-quality, and durable solar lights to displaced families in Turkey and/or Syria without electricity in temporary accommodations. 

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Heling Turkey & Syria QR Codes.png
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