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Leading Together The CleanTech Decade!

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Power of United DNAs in Dubai!

What makes The Club Unique?

  1. Private and Independent Leadership “Think-Do-Tank”

  2. Multi-national: 36 Countries on 6 Continents

  3. Multi-sectorial: Representing All Key Clean Technologies

  4. Multi-stakeholder: H2H Blockchain uniting CleanTech Leaders’ DNAs with DNAs of the Leaders of Finance & Investors, Utilities, Energy Companies and Corporations as well as Political Decision-Makers and Public Opinion Influencers

  5. Leaders who share The Common Vision and Values:

  • CBC Manifesto = #Declaration2030

  • CBC Spirit = #TogetherWeAreStronger

  • CBC LifeStyle = Business + Meaningfulness + Joy

Chair & CEO Brainstorm & Gatherings 

Now, in 2022, we launch CBC Worldwide Chair & CEO Brainstorm & Gatherings to respond to challenges and identify opportunities which dynamically changing geopolitical situation might bring out for CleanTech Business and Markets 

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Cherishing H2H Spirit in Munich!

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News & CBC TV

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