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Expanding Horizons: Welcoming New Leaders from Four Continents to the CleanTech Business Club Leadership Family

Updated: Apr 10

We are thrilled to announce the addition of six distinguished leaders to the CleanTech Business Club Leadership Family, representing the rich diversity and expertise of our community across four continents:

- Mohamed Laarissi, CEO at Obvious Brigade (Morocco); CBC Co-Chair of #CleanTech Architecture & Hospitality Industry Hub (In Charge of Africa) 

- Uday Narang, Founder of Omega Seiki Mobility (India); CBC Co-Chair of #Electric & #Hydrogen Mobility Hub (In Charge of India)

- Marco Sganga, Technical Director at GF Hydrogen Europe (Italy); CBC Co-Chair of R&D, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Hub (In Charge of Europe)

- George Yang, Chairman & CEO at Shanghai GoldenRidge CleanTech (China), CBC Co-Chair of R&D, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Hub (In Charge of China)

- Weslei Vianna , Founder of The Content Storytelling Marketing (Brazil); CBC CleanTech Media Director

- Chibunna Ogbonna , Co-Founder of Kiru Energy Limited (Nigeria); CBC Co-Chair of Under40 Leaders Hub (In Charge of Africa)

Let us also give you a brief background on the role of each of the new leaders. 

Together with Mohamed Laarissi and BOULAL El mostafa (our CBC Chair for Morocco) we are working on CleanTech+ Leaving project/initiative in the housing and hospitality industry sectors and very soon we will bring you some exciting news from Morocco about the first milestones. 

Uday Narang, a prominent serial entrepreneur and investor, leads Omega Seiki Mobility, a frontrunner in India's eMobility sector, and will be instrumental in propelling our CBC Electric & Hydrogen Mobility Hub forward. His latest joint venture (JV) made headlines by unveiling the first hydrogen three-wheeler at the Hyvolution event in Paris. In conjunction with this, we are pleased to introduce Richard Gerstenberg, CEO of Omega Seiki Mobility Europe and co-founder of this JV, who is at the helm of this groundbreaking project. Many of you may recall Uday's significant contributions to our CBC Empowering Women forums at REI in India (thanks Batterywali Dr.Rashi Gupta ), where he has been a powerful advocate for women's empowerment across the nation.

Marco Sganga, with a robust background in the automotive sector complemented by significant expertise and experience in the solar industry—including ownership of solar farms in Italy—is now enhancing the GF Hydrogen team's efforts in engineering hydrogen projects and establishing manufacturing sites worldwide.

Marco will be collaborating closely with Prof. Eicke R. Weber Weber at the CBC R&D, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Hub in Europe, contributing his knowledge and experience to foster innovation and efficiency in our manufacturing and supply chain strategies.

George Yang, a solar industry pioneer in China with a vast C-Level network and deep knowledge of the solar and cleantech sectors, will be chairing the CBC R&D, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Hub in China. With his background, including an executive role at Trina Solar, George is adept at connecting our global members with the right partners across the value chain in China. 

Both Marco and George will be helping Prof. Eicke R. Weber and Mark Mirza on organising of our the 1st World CleanTech, Hydrogen & Water R&D and Industry Council - From Science to Industrial Realisation which will be held in June 2024 at SNEC PV POWER EXPO in Shanghai, China.

Weslei Vianna, well-known to many within our community, has been appointed as the global CBC #CleanTechMedia Director. He will oversee our joint media projects and services, and importantly, contribute to our "Quo Vadis Green Hydrogen" Documentary Film Project. Weslei's expertise promises to elevate our media outreach and amplify our message on green hydrogen's potential.

Lastly, Chibunna Ogbonna, an enthusiastic young entrepreneur hailing from Nigeria, is joining forces with CBC to engage and attract a growing number of young professionals to our industry throughout Africa. His efforts are crucial in fostering a new generation of talent in the clean technology sector. Chibunna will also play a key role in coordinating “Quo Vadis Green Hydrogen? The 1st Green Hydrogen eForum Africa: Hydrogen, CleanTech & Water Leaders Working Together #TogetherWeAreStronger” (Online Event to be held on May 8, 2024) 

Welcome to our CBC Family !



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