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Navigating the Future of Green Hydrogen: Insights from the 1st Global Green Hydrogen Financial & Investor Forum at Hyvolution Paris 2024

The CleanTech Business Club (CBC) hosted an unprecedented event on February 1, 2024, at the heart of Hyvolution Paris — the 1st Global Green Hydrogen Financial & Investor Forum, under the banner "Quo Vadis Green Hydrogen? - Scaling Up #FromBillionsToTrillions".

This landmark forum, powered by CBC’s Green Hydrogen Hub and supported by Dii Desert Energy, marked a pivotal moment in our 1st CBC Green Hydrogen Hub Annual Summit.

It underscored CBC’s commitment as a Global Strategic Partner of Hyvolution Paris 2024, bringing together the brightest minds in finance, policy, and innovation to unlock the potential of green hydrogen.

A Day of Unparalleled Insights and Collaborative Vision

Held at the Hyvolution Theater, the forum brought together leaders from the financial, legal, development, and technical spheres of the green hydrogen economy.

The event was not just a gathering but a melting pot of ideas aimed at addressing the complex tapestry of challenges and opportunities within the green hydrogen sector. As our speakers articulated, the journey towards a robust green hydrogen market is fraught with uncertainties but buoyed by collective resolve and visionary thinking.

One speaker highlighted the imperative for an ecosystemic approach, emphasizing the need for collective action to address the infrastructural and regulatory hurdles that currently impede the financing of significant green hydrogen projects. Another voice in the forum underscored the systemic thinking needed to anticipate and mitigate risks across various dimensions — from geopolitical to technical and regulatory.

Setting the Stage for Meaningful Change

The discussions at the forum illuminated a path forward, advocating for permanent cooperation between the financial community and green hydrogen stakeholders. Suggestions ranged from establishing a continuous dialogue to initiating a global rating system for hydrogen projects, aimed at breaking down the barriers to investment. The essence of the forum was captured in the call for an integrated approach that aligns industry players, financiers, policy-makers, and technical experts towards a common goal.

A Strategic Blueprint for the Future

The program of the day was meticulously designed to foster not just conversation but action. From the insightful keynote addresses by esteemed leaders like Prof. Dr. Ad van Wijk and Alicia Eastman to the dynamic panel discussions that delved into financing ventures, managing risks, and showcasing investment success stories, every session was a step towards demystifying the green hydrogen sector for investors and stakeholders alike.

The forum also laid the groundwork for the 2nd Financial Forum, highlighting the importance of regular engagement with both the industry and financial & investor communities to ensure the discussions and outcomes are reflective of a collective effort to scale up the sector.

The role of public subsidies, the importance of establishing economic price targets, and the need for collaborative problem-solving were underscored as critical areas of focus.

A Call to Action: #TogetherWeAreStronger

The 1st Global Green Hydrogen Financial & Investor Forum was more than an event; it was a clarion call to action. It challenged participants to rethink the traditional paradigms of investment and collaboration in the green hydrogen sector. As we look forward to future forums and continued dialogue, the CBC remains committed to fostering an environment where sustainable investments can flourish, powered by the collective strength and wisdom of our global community.

Note of Gratitude and Looking Forward

As we reflect on the success of the 1st Global Green Hydrogen Financial & Investor Forum, our hearts are filled with immense gratitude towards all those who played a pivotal role in its realization. Our speakers, whose expertise and insights illuminated the complexities and potential of the green hydrogen sector, were instrumental in driving the dialogue forward. To our participants, whose engagement and enthusiasm were palpable throughout the event, we extend our sincerest thanks for contributing to the vibrant discussions that unfolded.

A special note of appreciation goes to the Hyvolution team, whose trust and collaboration made this forum not just possible but a landmark event. Your dedication to fostering innovation and partnerships in the green hydrogen arena is truly commendable.

The insights garnered from this forum will serve as a cornerstone for the Joint CleanTech, Green Hydrogen, and Water Industries Roadmap, titled “Quo Vadis Green Hydrogen - The Beginning”. This document will not only reflect the collective wisdom of our community but also chart the course for our future endeavors in this critical sector.

Looking ahead, we are thrilled to announce our CBC Leaders' participation in the upcoming Hyvolution Chile 2024, to be held from September 3-5 in Santiago. This event will not only continue the vital conversations started in Paris but will also feature the global launch of “Quo Vadis Green Hydrogen - The Beginning” during The Book Global Luncheon Event. This milestone will mark another step forward in our shared journey towards a sustainable energy future.

In anticipation of the insights and collaborations that Hyvolution Chile 2024 will bring, we invite our global community to join us in this next chapter of our journey. Together, we can continue to pave the way for a greener, more sustainable world.

Thank you once again to everyone who made the 1st Global Green Hydrogen Financial & Investor Forum a resounding success. Your contributions are shaping the future of clean energy, and we are honored to be on this journey with you.

Acknowledgement of Speakers:
  • Prof. Dr. Ad van Wijk, Professor Emeritus of Future Energy Systems, TU Delft, Member of Dii Advisory Board; CBC Honorary Chair of Green Hydrogen Hub

  • Alicia Eastman, Co-founder and Board Director at InterContinental Energy; Host at Everything About Hydrogen; CBC Co-Chair of Green Hydrogen Hub (In Charge of Financial & Investor Ecosystem)

  • Paul Van Son, President at Dii Desert Energy; CBC Visionary Adviser

  • Mikaa Mered, Adjunct lecturer on hydrogen markets, diplomacy and geopolitics at Sciences Po; CBC Co-Chair of Green Hydrogen Hub (In Charge of Geopolitics & Diplomacy)

  • Jean-Pascal Pham-Ba, Co-Founder OSTROM, CBC Chair of Financial & Investor Hub

  • Adamo Screnci, Vice President, NextChem; Hydrogen Pioneer, Expert & Entrepreneur; CBC Chair of Green Hydrogen Hub

  • Lucas Arangüena, Global Head of Green Finance, Santander Corporate & Investment Banking

  • Marie Latour, European Affairs Director, Euro-Funding; CBC Co-Chair of CleanTech StartUP Hub (In Charge of the EU Funding)

  • Amir Sharifi, Chief Investment Officer at Hy24, Senior Managing Director at Ardian

  • Pierre-Louis Auzel, Managing Director - Energy transition and low carbon solutions, Société Générale

  • Antoine Trieux, Managing Director, Industry Banker Energy Transition, Head of New Energies at Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking

  • Laurence Boisramé, Global Director, Hydrogen & CCUS, Bureau Veritas (Panel Chair for Risk Management)

  • Raphael Schoentgen, Co-Founder and Partner at Hydrogen Capital Partners (HCP) and Founder & CEO at Hydrogen Advisors (Moderator for Risk Management)

  • Patrick Gjelstrup Rosenquist, SVP at EIFO (The Export and Investment Fund of Denmark)

  • Anne Lapierre, Global Co-Head of Energy, Norton Rose Fulbright

  • Alena Fargère, UN Expert on hydrogen at The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

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