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#ToghetherWeAreStronger - CBC Message for COP26, UN Climate Change Conference

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

As today COP26 - UN Climate Change Conference is kicking-off in Glasgow, let us wish The Global Leaders that they just do what we did at CleanTech Business Club.

As the motto of COP26 is "UNITING THE WORLD TO TACKLE CLIMATE CHANGE", we just wish The Global Leaders that that motto will not remain just a slogan but it will become a reality!

We prove that #TogetherWeAreStronger is not just the slogan and that by working together we can move the mountains and we can do "impossible".

This is why launched #Declaration2030 and we agreed to unite in promoting joint actions for The CleanTech Decade.

Our #Declaration2030 is a call to all to unite and together transform our planet, now.

We urge political decision-makers that while mobilizing capital for stimulus programs to restart our economies, they shall align those investments with cleantech opportunities, and the cleantech business community is ready to work together to this end.

We, CleanTech Business Club Members & Partners: industry leaders, the financial & investor community, corporations, small enterprises, energy companies and utilities, political leaders and decision-makers and public opinion influencers are ready to achieve this ambitious but achievable goal.

Together we are more effective than apart as


Big thanks to those CBC Members who contributed the most to #Declaration2030

...and last but not least let us share some memories from COP21 in Paris held six years ago... time flies but we have more and more energy in moving the world into a right direction as #TogetherWeAreSronger

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