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“StorageVersity - Diverse Routes, Unified Vision” Ignites at The Smarter E, Intersolar Europe in Munich: A New Era in Energy Storage Begins

Updated: Jul 4

On June 20, the StorageVersity Core Team held its exciting kick-off meeting at The Smarter E, Intersolar Europe in Munich, Germany, hosted at the booth of CBC Visionary Corporate Partner, Hyperstrong.

This significant event marks the launch of the second initiative in the CBC Impact Series, which represents a critical collaboration among leaders from the cleantech, hydrogen, and water industries, aiming to synchronize their diverse visions and strategic roadmaps to achieve scalable, multi-trillion-dollar ambitions.

Embracing the myriad facets of energy storage is not just a choice but a necessity for the sustainable transformation of our global energy systems.

The “StorageVersity - Diverse Routes, Unified Vision” heralds a new era in clean energy, where diversity in storage solutions — from battery and gravity storage to hydrogen, thermal, and kinetic storage — becomes our strength. This comprehensive roadmap, crafted by a coalition of experts, industry players, and visionaries, is not merely a document but a testament to our collective commitment to innovation, tailored solutions, and the future of energy storage. It ambitiously extends beyond conventional realms, exploring the vital role of storage in transportation, including electric vehicles, aviation, and maritime transport, ensuring that our approach is holistic and inclusive. In a world where the specificity of need, application, and resources dictates our path forward, the 'StorageVersity Joint Roadmap' stands as a beacon of integrated, forward-thinking strategies for a resilient and sustainable energy future, ensuring the right storage solution for the right need across all sectors.”

Leadership and Vision

The initiative is spearheaded by Dr. Rashi Gupta, the Global Chair of CBC Energy Storage Hub, alongside regional co-chairs Andreas Fornwald (North America), Daniel Thielking (Europe), Jianhui Zhang (Asia), and Rami Fedda (Australia). Core team members such as Laura Azpilicueta, Zouhair Kefi, Simay Akar, Justin Gu, Joanna Pang, Pingyang Wang, and Karel de Winter bring a wealth of expertise and diverse perspectives to the project. Together, they are dedicated to driving innovation, inclusivity, and sustainability in the energy storage sector.

Strategic Partnerships and Global Reach

The initiative has garnered strong support from key CBC Strategic Partners including Dii Desert Energy, the New Energy Industry Association for Asia and the Pacific (NEIA AP), and the Zero Emissions Trade Alliance (ZETA). Additionally, StorageVersity is backed by leading global conferences and exhibitions in the cleantech and hydrogen sectors such as SNEC, REI, and Hyvolution. These partnerships will enable CBC to extend the reach of StorageVersity to millions around the world, promoting widespread adoption and implementation of diverse energy storage solutions.

Key Events and Milestones

  • "StorageVersity - Diverse Routes, Unified Vision: The Hydrogen, CleanTech & Water Leaders Joint Roadmap" a high-level guideline book that will guide the collaborative efforts of the StorageVersity initiative, promoting a unified vision for the future of energy storage.

  • 2024/2025 StorageVersity Roadshow (Book Pre-Launching Events): A series of events, forums, and high-level meetings will offer senior executives invaluable opportunities to discuss strategic initiatives, forge new partnerships, and collaboratively shape the StorageVersity Joint Roadmap. This global roadshow will play a pivotal role in defining the future of the energy storage industry by bringing together leaders to exchange ideas, drive innovation, and set a unified direction for sustainable energy solutions.  (See CBC Full Agenda HERE)

  • Book Launching Events and Roadshow: Scheduled for September 2025, the book launching events will take place at RE+ in the USA and SNEC H2 & ES in Shanghai, China. These events, followed by a global StorageVersity roadshow spanning all six continents, will celebrate the publication of the "StorageVersity - Diverse Routes, Unified Vision" roadmap in both English and Chinese. This ambitious roadshow aims to bring StorageVersity to the attention of millions worldwide.

  • Interactive Platform: An online platform will be established to facilitate continuous engagement, updates, and collaboration among stakeholders, ensuring the dynamic and ongoing involvement of the global community.

  • Visionary TV Talks and Masterclasses: These educational initiatives will feature industry experts sharing insights and advancements in energy storage technologies. Visionary TV Talks and Masterclasses will help spread knowledge and raise awareness about the latest developments and innovations.


The kickoff meeting of the StorageVersity Core Team at The Smarter E/Intersolar Europe marks the start of a promising journey towards a unified and sustainable energy storage future. With the combined expertise and dedication of its leaders and partners, StorageVersity is poised to make a substantial impact on the global energy landscape.

Big thanks to Jianhui Zhang, CEO at Hyperstrong and his amazing team for hosting our historical meeting and thanks to our StorageVersity Core Team Members for contributing to its outcomes.

See Pictures Gallery from the CBC's 10th Anniversary Black-Tie Gala HERE



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