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Pioneering Water Sustainability: CBC Clean Water Hub Debuts at SNEC PV Gala to Celebrate CBC, SNEC, and ACWA Power Collaboration

On June 12, 2024, during the prestigious SNEC PV Gala in Shanghai, CBC Leaders celebrated the official launch of the CBC Clean Water Hub. This significant event marked a new chapter in uniting cleantech, hydrogen, and water industries, showcasing a collaborative effort to drive global sustainability initiatives. The launch was also a celebration of CBC’s strategic partnerships with SNEC and ACWA Power, aimed at uniting leaders from these sectors to foster innovation and sustainability.

Leadership and Vision

The CBC Clean Water Hub is chaired by Thomas Altmann, Executive Vice President of Innovation & New Technology at ACWA Power, a pioneer in desalination. Co-chairing the initiative in Africa is Mostafa Boulal, CEO of Coreas Hightech and CBC Chair for Morocco. Both leaders bring extensive expertise and a strong commitment to advancing sustainable water solutions globally.

ACWA Power’s Leadership in Desalination

ACWA Power is renowned for its leadership in green desalination, leveraging renewable energy sources to power desalination processes. This approach significantly reduces the environmental impact of extracting fresh water. ACWA Power's innovative techniques and large-scale projects have set new standards in the industry, contributing to sustainable water management practices worldwide​​

Clean Water: The Multi-Trillion Blueprint

A cornerstone of the Clean Water Hub will be the "Clean Water: The Multi-Trillion Blueprint," a key initiative crafted jointly by leaders from the water, cleantech, and hydrogen sectors. This visionary roadmap aims to redefine the future of water management by integrating renewable energy technologies into water treatment processes, fostering green desalination practices, and mobilizing significant investments into the water sector. The blueprint represents a collaborative effort to address global water challenges through innovative, sustainable solutions​​.

Inspiration and Initiatives

One of the inspirations for the Clean Water Hub was the CBC Leaders' attendance at the Global Water Summit in London. The summit emphasized the critical need for integrating cleantech and hydrogen technologies to transform the water industry. Key findings from the summit include the necessity for innovative water management solutions and the potential for multi-trillion dollar investments to drive sustainability​.

Strategic Collaborations to Enhance Appeal and Accelerate Transformation

  1. Transition to a Clean Water Industry: Our vision involves transforming the current water industry into a clean water industry. This change is where CleanTech and hydrogen technologies play a pivotal role, offering innovative solutions that can significantly boost the sustainability and efficiency of water management.

  2. Leveraging Multi-Trillion Dollar Ambitions: Each sector — CleanTech, water, and hydrogen — has vast multi-trillion investment ambitions. Through collaboration, these industries can pool their strengths and resources to accelerate the realization of these ambitions, propelling the global transformation toward sustainability and a regenerative future.

  3. The Role of Advanced Technologies: By integrating advanced technologies from the CleanTech and hydrogen sectors, we can significantly enhance the water industry’s operations and attractiveness. These technologies are crucial for developing sustainable practices that transform water into a resource that is essential and appealing to investors and decision-makers.

  4. Huge Opportunities in Green Desalination: One exciting example of where our collaboration can make a significant impact is in the field of green desalination. By harnessing renewable energy sources, we can reduce the environmental footprint of desalination processes, making this technology a cornerstone for sustainable water supply, especially in arid regions.

  5. Collaboration with Industry Leaders: We are thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders such as ACWA Power, a global leader in the energy and water sectors. These partnerships enhance our industry's capacity to implement cutting-edge solutions in green desalination and other areas, accelerating progress towards our shared goals.

  6. Ensuring Universal Access to Clean Resources: Our collaborative focus extends to ensuring universal access to clean water and renewable energy, thereby enhancing global quality of life. This vision underscores our commitment to a sustainable future and highlights the water sector's critical role in achieving global environmental goals.

Upcoming Flagship Events

The CBC Clean Water Hub will host twol flagship events in 2024:

  • The 1st Global Joint CBC & SNEC Forum: This forum will bring together leaders from the cleantech, hydrogen, and water industries at SNEC H2 & ES in September, powered by ACWA Power.

  • “Empowering The Future Together #TogetherWeAreStronger: A joint gathering of industry leaders with utility and energy company leaders, along with the “Clean Water: The Multi-Trillion Blueprint” Expert Board Meeting at the IDRA World Congress in Abu Dhabi, UAE, in December.


The official launch of the CBC Clean Water Hub at the SNEC PV Gala is a pivotal moment in advancing global water sustainability. With the combined efforts of cleantech, hydrogen, and water industry leaders, the initiative aims to create a significant impact on global water management practices.

Thumbs up for cleantech, clean hydrogen, and clean water! The Best Friends Forever! #TogetherWeAreStronger.

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