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Igniting CleanTech Innovation: Kick-Off of the EU-Funded IN4SFS Project under Horizon Europe Unites CBC with Partners from Seven Countries to Support Startups' Growth and Connect Visionary Investors

Updated: May 2

We are thrilled to announce that on April 24, 2024, the CleanTech Business Club (CBC) together with partners coming from seven countries proudly initiated the "Investment Network for Sustainability Focused Startups (IN4SFS)" under the prestigious HORIZON Europe, the EU Research & Innovation Program.

This EU-funded project symbolizes a groundbreaking endeavor that harmoniously aligns with our mission at the CBC CleanTech StartUP Hub (CSH) to foster a sustainable future through innovative technologies.

CBC CleanTech StartUP Hub (CSH) unites regional startup hubs, accelerators, and individual startups, helps them to scale up through CleanTech StartUP Hub’s Financing Facilities and brings them to the global market through the World CleanTech StartUPs Awards

Project Partners and Collaborative Spirit

The IN4SFS project boasts a robust collaboration between partners from seven European countries, each bringing unique strengths and perspectives:

  • EGE Teknopark, Technology Development Zone, Turkey – A beacon of technological development.

  • SEGE, Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs, Greece – Promoting female entrepreneurship.

  • ADR Nord-Vest, North-West Regional Development Agency, Romania – Enhancing regional development.

  • CBN, Creative Business Network, Denmark – Fostering creative business networks.

  • EAIC, European Association of Innovation Consultants, Belgium – Advocating for innovation consulting.

  • Business Angels Connect, The Netherlands – Linking startups with angel investors.

  • CBI, France (representing CBC) – Specializing in CleanTech advancements.

Objectives and Expected Outcomes

The IN4SFS project is set to run for two consecutive years, with specific goals to:

  • Facilitate foreign investments by aiding investors from The Netherlands, France, Belgium and Denmark in navigating local regulatory frameworks in Turkey, Greece, and Romania.

  • Foster the establishment of cross-border ventures through dynamic joint collaboration events and strategic information dissemination.

The expected outcomes are as ambitious as they are crucial:

  • Matching startups with investors based on technological readiness.

  • Supporting female entrepreneurs and connecting them with global investment networks.

  • Boosting the local economies by enhancing the tech product market with added value.

CBC's Pivotal Role and Strategic Events

CBC is poised to play an important role in this initiative by leveraging its vast network of investors, including clean technology, hydrogen and water sector leaders. We are committed to organizing four hybrid brokerage events in 2025.

These events will be held in targeted countries: Greece, Romania, and Turkey, with a grand international event planned in Germany, coinciding with the 1st World CleanTech StartUPs Summit (Europe Edition).

Enhancing Cross-Border Investments

The IN4SFS project aims to elevate cross-border investments in the innovation ecosystems of Turkey, Greece, and Romania. By improving access to capital and enhancing the investment readiness of startups focused on green and sustainable technologies, we are setting the stage for significant impacts. The project will facilitate the flow of foreign capital into these regions, supporting startups in utilizing their financial resources more effectively towards innovation, thereby driving better sales outcomes and growth rates.


Through the IN4SFS project, the CleanTech Business Club and its partners are dedicated to enhancing the global competitiveness of green and sustainable technology-focused startups. By improving access to foreign investments and providing crucial guidance on local deal flows, we are not just predicting a brighter future; we are actively building it.

Stay tuned for more updates as we lead the charge towards a sustainable and technologically empowered world.

Attract EU Funding and Investors to Your Innovative Startup

If you're seeking investment for your innovative startup or are interested in securing EU funding, please reach out to the appropriate contacts. For investment inquiries, contact our CBC Secretariat [HERE]. For EU funding opportunities, please contact Marie Latour, European Affairs Director at Euro-Funding and CBC Co-Chair of the CleanTech StartUP Hub (responsible for EU Funding) [HERE].

It's Your Time to Shine! Submit your innovation by May 22, 2024. Submit HERE

We are also thrilled to invite pioneering startups to participate in the World CleanTech Startups Awards 2024 (WCSA2024). Backed by ACWA Power and in strategic partnership with the CleanTech Business Club and the New Energy Industry Association for Asia and the Pacific (representing SNEC), this year's awards are set to highlight the brightest new stars in CleanTech, Green Hydrogen, and Clean Water.



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