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Fifteen CBC Leaders Honored with Inaugural Global Solar Leaders Awards at SNEC PV in Shanghai

Updated: Jul 4

During the 17th SNEC PV Power Expo 2024 in Shanghai, fifteen distinguished leaders from the CleanTech Business Club (CBC) were honoured with the inaugural Global Solar Leaders Awards. This prestigious accolade, presented by the Global Solar Council, the New Energy Industry Association for Asia and the Pacific, and the Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association, recognizes their outstanding contributions and pioneering efforts in the photovoltaic industry.

Celebrating 500+ Years of Combined Experience in Solar

The award ceremony was a significant event, celebrating over 500 years of combined pioneering experience in the solar industry. Surrounded by friends and the CleanTech Business Club family, the honorees reflected on the advancements and innovations they have driven in solar technology. The awards underscore the collective impact of these visionaries in promoting clean energy and sustainable practices.

Honorees of the Global Solar Leaders Awards

Congratulations to the amazing CBC Family Leaders, Passionates, Visionaries, and Pioneers who received the inaugural Global Solar Leaders Awards:

  • Prof. Eicke R. Weber: Vice-Chairman at European Solar Manufacturing Council; Former Director, Fraunhofer ISE, Freiburg; CBC Chair of R&D, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Hub; Chair of the World CleanTech Awards

  • Dr. Charlie Gay: Known as "Dr. Solar," Former Director of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Solar Energy Technologies Office; CBC Visionary Advisor

  • Prof. Anis Jouini: CEO at ECM Greentech; CBC Chair of CleanTech StartUp Hub and Chair of the World CleanTech StartUPs Awards

  • Prof. Ad van Wijk: Professor Emeritus of Future Energy Systems at TU Delft; Member of Dii Advisory Board; CBC Honorary Chair of Green Hydrogen Hub

  • Dr. Claas Helmke: Founder & CEO of; CBC Co-Chair of Financial & Investor Hub

  • Prof. Dr. Sener Oktik: Board Member at Board of Directors at Sisecam and Clean Energy Foundation; Senior Lecturer/Researcher at Kadir Has University; Honorary Chairman of Turkish Photovoltaic Industries (GENSED); CBC Honorary Chair for Turkey

  • Dr. Winfried Hoffmann: Owner of Applied Solar Expertise - ASE; former CEO and MD of RWE Solar GmbH and RWE SCHOTT Solar GmbH; Former President EPIA: (European Photovoltaic Industry Association", today SolarPower Europe”); CBC Visionary Adviser

  • Dr. Hitesh Doshi: Chairman, Waaree Group, Chairman at All India Solar Industry Association; CBC Co-Chair for Asia & Chair for India

  • Thomas Altmann: Executive Vice President - Innovation & New Technology at ACWA Power; CBC Chair of Clean Water Hub, Co-Chair of the World CleanTech StartUPs Awards

  • Paddy Padmanathan: Co-Founder & Vice-Chairman at Zhero; Former CEO and President of ACWA Power; CBC Honorary Chair for the Middle East

  • Rami Fedda: Co-Founder & Supply Director, Solar Juice Pty; CBC Chair for Australia & Oceania

  • Hans-Josef Fell: German MP 1998-2013; Co-author of the German Renewable Energy Sources Act 2000, Known as the "Father of Renewables" in Germany; CBC Visionary Adviser

  • Antonio Celso de Abreu Jr: Solar Pioneer in Brazil, CleanTech Business Experts Associate for Brazil; Former Director of the Department of Social Policies and Universalization of Access to Energy in the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Brazil; CBC Honorary Chair for Brazil

  • Marcelo Alvarez: Secretary & Latam Task Force Coordinator Global Solar Council; Former President of Argentinean Renewable Energy Chamber and Chief of Solar Energy Commission; CBC Chair in Argentina

  • Tomasz Slusarz: Founder & Vision Streamliner at CleanTech Business Club

Check out the videos below, available in both English and Chinese

Significance of the Awards

The Global Solar Leaders Award, introduced to honor the achievements of those who have significantly contributed to the photovoltaic industry over the past two decades, reflects the importance of continuous innovation and leadership. The award recognizes individuals from industrial corporations, academic and research institutions, and media who have played pivotal roles in advancing solar technology and driving the global energy transition towards a low-carbon future.

Looking Forward

This recognition not only celebrates past achievements but also inspires future innovation and collaboration within the solar industry. As the global energy landscape continues to evolve, the leadership and vision of these awardees will be crucial in shaping a sustainable and energy-efficient world.

Thumbs up for cleantech, clean hydrogen, and clean water! The Best Friends Forever! #TogetherWeAreStronger

About the Organizers

Global Solar Council (GSC)

The Global Solar Council (GSC) is an international coalition of solar energy leaders, dedicated to advancing the global adoption of solar energy. GSC's mission is to provide a unified voice for the solar industry, advocating for policies that support the growth of solar markets and the development of solar technologies.

New Energy Industry Association for Asia and the Pacific (NEIAAP)

NEIAAP is focused on promoting the development and deployment of renewable energy technologies in Asia and the Pacific. The association works to foster cooperation among regional stakeholders, including governments, industry players, and research institutions, to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy.

Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA)

APVIA represents the interests of the photovoltaic industry in Asia. The association works to promote the development of solar energy through policy advocacy, industry standards, and collaboration among its members. APVIA aims to facilitate the growth of the solar industry by addressing technical, regulatory, and market challenges.

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