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CleanTech Business Club Leaders & World CleanTech Awards Winners gathered in March 2022 in Dubai

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

CleanTech Business Club Leaders & World CleanTech Awards Winners gathered at The 5th CBC Annual Leadership Forum "Leading Together The CleanTech Decade!" held from 13 to 15 March 2022 in Dubai, UEA.

This exclusive gathering brought together over 150 Trusted Leaders of Solar & CleanTech Industries with The Leaders of the Financial Community and Investors, Top Corporations, Energy Companies and Utilities as well as Political Decision-Makers and Public Opinion Influencers from 18 countries and all 6 continents.

The Forum featured "From Billion$ To Trillion$: Roads To Success" CleanTech Business, Finance & Decision-Makers Joint Forum for Middle-East & Africa as well as The World CleanTech Awards - Edition 2021 Black-Tie Gala Ceremony.

As it was held on the occasion of the World Expo Dubai 2020, CBC Leaders and WCA Awardees visited the Expo twice and presented their visions at "On The Road to a Sustainable City", a special event hosted by Enel X in the Italian Pavilion​.

The day before the above event, on the special invitation of Enel's Chairman of The Board, Michele Crisostomo, CBC Leaders and WCA Awardees met with Enel Group and Enel X Executives at their Joint Cocktail.

Thanks to the Strategic Partnership with Dii Desert Energy, CBC Leaders & WCA Awardees had an opportunity to meet with their High-Ranked Leaders as well as with the international Hydrogen Leaders participants of the World Hydrogen MENA event co-organised by MENA Hydrogen Alliance (an initiative of Dii Desert Energy).

…and we made it by combining Business with Meaningfulness and Joy!

...and last but not least, huge thanks to our Diamond Visionary Partners: Kopp, INES-CEA but also Enel Group and other Strategy Partners: Square Venues and The Content for supporting this remarkable gathering of our CBC, WCA & Enel Families.



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