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CBC Reveals Ambitious Agenda for H2 2024: Uniting CleanTech, Clean Hydrogen, and Clean Water Leaders Across Six Continents

Updated: Jul 4

The CleanTech Business Club (CBC) is excited to announce its comprehensive agenda for the second half of 2024, featuring a global series of events centered around the launch of our groundbreaking book, "Quo Vadis Clean Hydrogen? The Beginning." These events will span all continents and take place in 20 countries, reinforcing our commitment to leading the CleanTech, Clean Hydrogen, and Clean Water Revolutions.

Key Highlights of the CBC H2 2024 Agenda:

Global Book Reveals:

Events in 20 countries, including Chile, USA, China, India, and more, celebrating the launch of the "Quo Vadis Clean Hydrogen? The Beginning."

Flagship Annual Events:

Major gatherings such as the CBC 10th Anniversary Black-Tie Gala #TogetherWeAreStronger in Germany, The 1st Global Joint CBC & SNEC Forum: CleanTech, Hydrogen & Water Industry Leaders -  Driving The World’s Transformation Together, powered by ACWA Power in China or the 3rd Global Clean Hydrogen Forum in India.

Strategic Initiatives and Forums:

Themed forums and VIP dinners focusing on Clean Hydrogen, CleanTech, and Clean Water solutions.

VIP Dinners and Informal Gatherings:

Exclusive VIP dinners and informal gatherings in locations including Morocco, Brazil, and Monaco.

For detailed information and the full schedule, please visit our CBC Events Center.

Join us in these pivotal events as we work together to create a sustainable and regenerative future.

Empowering Together The CleanTech Decade, Clean Hydrogen & Clean Water Revolution! #TogetherWeAreStronger



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