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11th Dii Leadership Summit in Dubai, 10&11 November 2021 - Live Streamed by CleanTech Business Club

We are honored to partner with Dii Desert Energy on their High Level their Partners' Meeting & 11th Annual ​Dii Leadership Summit 2021 "The Decade of the Acceleration of the Energy Transition in MENA" held on 10 & 11 November 2021 in W Dubai - The Palm, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE.

The event will be Live Streamed on our CleanTech Business Club Digital Platform here (accessible only to carefully selected registered participants).

About the event:

In 12 years’ time Dii Desert Energy work has evolved from a rudimentary ‘Desertec Vision’ (initially mainly concentrated on power from the deserts for Europe, ‘Desertec 1.0’), then from 2015, based in Dubai, focusing on clean energy for the region (Desertec 2.0). ​

In recent years the organisation evolved as the market enabler for ‘green electrons’ and ‘green molecules’ (notably hydrogen, ammonia and e-fuels) from the deserts of MENA for MENA’s own benefit and as an emerging exporter in a global context (Desertec 3.0). ​ The conference will, thus, be fully dedicated to the energy transition developments in the Arab region along the energy value chain of power generation, conversion, transport, storage and last but not least flexible demand and global trade.​

You can apply to attend the event here

High-Level Speakers:

  1. Paddy Padmanathan, President and CEO, ACWA Power

  2. Anas Almathami, Head – Localization, ACWA Power

  3. Basma Bentaher, Senior Director - Project Development, AMEA Power

  4. Antonio Iliceto, Chairman, CIGRE Study Committee C1, Power System Development & Economics

  5. Yusuf Macun, Founder & Managing Partner, Cranmore

  6. Dimitar Enchev, Co-founder & Director, CWP Global

  7. Dr. Manfred Schuckert, Head of Automotive Regulatory Strategy, Daimler Truck

  8. Herbert Jost, General Manager Green Hydrogen, DEME Group