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Join CBC Leaders at the 13th Dii Leadership Summit on 28 November in Dubai, UAE

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

As a Proud Supporting Partner of Dii Desert Energy’s annual Leadership Summits, we are thrilled to invite our CBC Members, Partners and Friends to join its upcoming edition, the 13th Dii Leadership Summit, which will be held on 28 November 2023 in The W Dubai - The Palm Hotel.

Since 2010 Dii Desert Energy’s annual Leadership Summits have paved the way for climate neutral, lowest cost and secure energy from the MENA Deserts. This year this unique international event returns to Dubai to showcase the region’s leading role as an innovator, an emerging ‘Green Powerhouse’ and, hence, a key contributor to global GHG reduction.

Our Dii Friends are delighted to announce the official patronage of the Federal Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure of the UAE for this year Leadership Summit. Under the theme ‘TIME FOR CLIMATE ACTION – From Announcements to Tangible Projects’, this edition is hosted ahead of COP28, with a prominent pre-COP reception, to discuss strategies and projects to speed up the journey towards ‘no harmful emissions’, whilst achieving energy security and lowest costs in MENA and beyond.

See an amazing lineup of speakers

The Summit gathers partners along the emission-free value chain, led by the ‘doers of projects’, from key developers, utilities and investors, making the Dii Summit a unique high-level meeting in the market with the common objective of kicking-off the creation of a market for zero emission energy. With record breaking renewable energy project tariffs and project capacities in MENA, the Summit helps energy market players and energy traders to reduce and avoid ‘greenhouse’ effects based on market principles and a pragmatic approach.

The summit forms part of Dii’s wider roadmap of accelerating the energy transition in the Arab world by connecting regions, people and continents sharing Dii’s mission ‘No Emissions!’

Register HERE

Watch a short video impression from the 12th Dii Leadership Summit held in November 2022 in Cairo, Egypt
See Pictures Gallery HERE

We are extremely excited to be a part of the Summit together with our Dii Friends as #TogetherWeAreStronger !

… and last but not least CBC Members are granted with 20% discount, and in other to receive this discount please contact CBC Secretariat.



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