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Smart Energy

Energy Management System

Energy management and device control for professionals!

As a member of the Bluetooth® SIG (Special Interest Group) we are now using the globally established standard for data transmission for our Smart Home products. 

With its long range and wide variety of components, Blue-control is setting standards. Because with the app, you not only control your lights, heating and shutters, but also have the entire energy management of your home under control.

The latest technology for home automation

Bluetooth® 5 Mesh is the new global standard for networking devices in the home or smart home – with a long range and high data transmission rate.

  • No gateway or internet connection required

  • High operational reliability through direct communication between the actuators

  • Secure encryption with AES-128 bit key length

Greater operational security and range thanks to mesh topology

Commands are forwarded to neighbouring devices, creating a separate network with high transmission security.

  • Reduced cabling

  • Switches can be placed anywhere

  • Energy self-sufficient components

  • Long range

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