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The CleanTech Business Club's 10th Anniversary Ahead: A Retrospective on Monumental Achievements in 2023 and Vision for an Ambitious & Historic Year 2024

Updated: Jan 8

Dear CBC Members, Partners and Friends,

In 2023, The CleanTech Business Club (CBC) not only celebrated a series of notable achievements and milestones but also significantly propelled its vision towards a more sustainable and regenerative future. This year's accomplishments have laid a robust foundation for an even more impactful and historic journey in 2024 marked by 10th Anniversary year of our club.

Our focus steadfastly remains on nurturing global partnerships, propelling the advancement of green technologies, and empowering communities to stride confidently towards a regenerative world. These efforts are pivotal in shaping the CleanTech Decade and fueling the momentum of the Green Hydrogen Revolution.

As we step into a promising new year, our enthusiasm is heightened by the prospect of continued collaboration and collective strength. We eagerly anticipate further empowering the CleanTech Decade, bolstered by the unwavering support and synergy of our global community. Together, under the banner of #TogetherWeAreStronger, we are committed to transforming challenges into opportunities and aspirations into realities. Let's join hands in this journey to innovate, inspire, and implement solutions that will echo through generations.

Remarkable Progress in 2023

Key accomplishments included:

1.  Growing Global CleanTech & Hydrogen Leadership Community:

2.  Advancing CBC Vision & Action:

3.  CBC Business Facilities & Expert Services:

  • Introducing our first CBC Business Facilities:  CBC Project Financing & Origination Facilities

  • Developing our inaugural CBC #TogetherWeAreStronger Consortium & Ecosystem in Morocco, envisioned as a scalable model for expansion across the African continent and beyond

  • Organising two CBC Business Missions to China in May and November and multiple missions to Morocco

4.  CBC Hubs’ Milestones:

Vision for the Historical Year 2024

Key initiatives and goals include:

1.  Growing Global CleanTech & Hydrogen Leadership Community:

2.  Advancing CBC Vision & Action:

3.  CBC Business Facilities & Expert Services:

  • Introducing new CBC Business Development Facility MEA & DAH and CBC StartUPs’ Financing Facilities

  • Launching the first project(s) within CBC #TogetherWeAreStronger Consortium & Ecosystem in Morocco

  • Organising CBC Business Missions to China, Morocco & Bahrain

  • Connecting with Influential Business Communities of Golf Enthusiasts worldwide

4.  CBC Hubs:

  • CBC Green Hydrogen Hub (CBC GHH):

    • Revealing of “Quo Vadis Green Hydrogen? (QVGH) - The Beginning” Book (English & Chinese), its digital platform, and working simultaneously on the QVGH Film Project

    • Organising the inaugural 1st CBC Annual Green Hydrogen Leadership Summit at Hyvolution in Paris, and other QVGH-related events in 16 countries (see CBC Agenda 2024 for more details)

  • CBC Energy Storage Hub (CBC ESH) - Integrating CBC ESH Leaders into the QVGH Expert Advisory Board and related QVGH activities and events. This strategic inclusion will optimize coordination, preventing overlap in the efforts of GH2 & ESS Leaders, and will foster synergies between both technologies

  • CBC Utilities & Energy Companies Hub:

  • Empowering Utilities and Energy Companies’ Leaders thus Accelerating their companies Decarbonization and Transformation to CleanTech and Green Hydrogen

  • Bringing Utilities and Energy Companies’ Leaders to CBC Family VIP Gatherings across the globe (focus Europe, Middle East, Australia, USA, Canada and China) and building with them H2H relationships

  • Giving the floor to Utilities & Energy Companies’ Leaders in QVGH Expert Advisory Board and THE Future Visionary Board and working together on the Joint Roadmaps.

  • Integrating CBC Utilities & Energy Companies Hub with CBC CleanTech StartUP Hub’s projects

  • CBC Smart Energy, AI, Blockchain & IoT Hub: By integrating the CBC Smart Energy Hub with the CBC AI, Blockchain & IoT Hub, we are creating a unified platform that highlights the critical role of technological convergence. This synergy will significantly accelerate the advancement in CleanTech and Green Hydrogen, leveraging the combined strengths of these disruptive technologies

  • CBC CleanTech StartUp Hub:

  • Kicking-off the EU-funded Invest2Scale Project and organising respective brokerage events

  • Organising our second The World CleanTech StartUPs Awards #WCSA2024 Competition and #WCSA2024 Awards Ceremony at SNEC PV in Shanghai, China

  • CBC CleanTech Leaders Under40 Hub:

  • Cultivating the Next Generation of Visionaries and Pioneers (Our mission is to continuously integrate dynamic young leaders into the CBC community, fostering innovation and fresh perspectives in crafting our Joint Roadmaps QVGH & THE FUTURE)

  • Empowering these young trailblazers through mentorship, scaling-up support, and facilitating connections with investors and business partners in collaboration with the CBC CleanTech StartUP Hub

  • Announcing the launch of a distinguished new category in the World CleanTech Awards: The 'Visionary CleanTech Leader Under40 Award' (Prof. Eicke R. Weber Award). This accolade is dedicated to recognising and honouring exceptional young leaders in the CleanTech & Green Hydrogen field, showcasing their achievements as inspirational models for others to follow

  • Kicking-off/ Activating four new CBC Hubs: CBC Clean Water Hub, CBC Wind Energy Hub, CBC CleanTech Architecture Hub, Electric & Hydrogen Mobility Hub and CBC Wind Energy Hub

  • Other CBC Business Hubs: To ensure a rich cross-fertilization of knowledge, we will engage the Leaders of all CBC Business Hubs in our Joint Roadmaps+ Projects: QVGH and THE FUTURE. Gradually, we will collaboratively develop a tailored “Modus Operandi” for each hub, based on the CBC GHH experience, progressively granting their leaders increased autonomy to enhance the club’s effectiveness and influence

5.  CBC Countries Hubs: We aim to develop a versatile “Modus Operandi” for each CBC Country Hub, customised to the specific cultural and local nuances of each nation. By selecting target countries across all continents with trusted CBC Leaders, we plan to elevate their best practices and business models into exemplary standards by 2025.

Selected countries for 2024 (the list might be extended):

  • Africa: Morocco, Kenya, Egypt, Mali

  • Asia: China, India, Armenia, South Korea

  • Australia & Oceania: Australia, New Zealand

  • Europe: Bulgaria (+Balkan Region), Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands, Turkey, UK

  • Middle East: Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE

  • North America: Canada and USA

  • South America: Brazil and Chile

Download CBC Booklet 2024 HERE

See CBC Photo Galleries 2023 HERE

Visit CBC Leadership TV HERE, or watch some of our videos below

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