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Partenariat commercial CBC

Business Partnership est réservé aux CleanTech et autres entreprises de technologies de rupture (multinationales, PME et StartUP) ainsi qu'aux institutions financières et investisseurs, grandes entreprises, sociétés d'énergie et services publics.

CBC est cimenté par H2H Blockchain. Ainsi, chaque partenaire potentiel doit être présenté par un membre ou partenaire actuel de CBC, et sa candidature sera soumise à l'approbation du comité d'admission. 

Niveaux de partenariat commercial

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5 raisons de devenir un partenaire commercial

  1. Accédez au seul réseau mondial d'entreprises CleanTech piloté par la puissance de H2H Blockchain et United DNA

  2. Empower Your Business Worldwide "24 heures sur 24, 7 jours sur 7 et 365 jours par an"

  3. Accédez aux technologies perturbatrices, aux instruments financiers et aux modèles commerciaux

  4. Promouvoir le leadership de votre entreprise

  5. Gagnez des clients, des partenaires commerciaux et financiers de confiance …. et Anticiper, Façonner et Diriger La Décennie des CleanTech avec eux !

Découvrez tous les avantages

Accédez à *** Documents et didacticiels *** et explorez tous les avantages et les packages de partenariat commercial CBC dans un court didacticiel vidéo, ou une publication et une présentation respectives. 


Écouter  de nos dirigeants

Eicke Weber round.png
Eicke Weber round.png
Elite Member icon.png

"I am truly honored to be a part of the CBC family, and to have the opportunity to Co-chair the CBC Green Hydrogen Hub alongside such talented individuals. With over 15 years of experience in renewable energy, including solar, BESS, and now hydrogen, I am passionate about driving the energy transition forward. At GF Hydrogen Europe, we believe that hydrogen and cleantech go hand in hand, and that together they represent the future of sustainable energy. As we work to build relationships with the Chinese hydrogen industry, I am excited to be a part of such a dynamic and forward-thinking community.”

Justin Gu, CBC Co-Chair of Green Hydrogen Hub

General Manager at GF Hydrogen Europe

Eicke Weber round.png
Eicke Weber round.png
Elite Member icon.png

"CleanTech Business Club unites visionary leaders that cherish Human To Human relationship and this is exactly the value that SolarJuice shares with its customers and business partners in Australia and surrounding Pacific Islands.
Even though, we are coming from different parts of the world, we feel close to each other thanks to CBC LifeStyle that combines Business with Meaningfulness and Joy!"

Rami Fedda, CBC Chair for Australia & Oceania

Co-Founder & Supply Director, Solar Juice Pty

Eicke Weber round.png
Eicke Weber round.png
Elite Member icon.png

"We are at the beginning of the CleanTech Decade that will completely transform a paradigm of the world. I am honored to Co-Chair CleanTech Business Club in Asia and Chair The Club in India as it connects me with visionary business leaders on all six continents with whom we lead this transformation for the benefit of my country and all the nations around the globe."

Dr. Hitesh Doshi, CBC Co-Chair for Asia & CBC Chair for India

Chairman, Waaree Group

Chairman at All India Solar Industry Association


Obtenez votre entreprise  VIP virtuel  Moyeu

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Écouter  de nos dirigeants

Eicke Weber round.png
Eicke Weber round.png
Elite Member icon.png

"CleanTech Business Club has been leading and boosting the world’s energy transition towards a more sustainable, renewable and accessible reality! Through an amazing Human to Human approach CBC unites leaders globally acting proactive in order to accelerate the world’s disruption to a net zero goal, demonstrating that TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!! It’s been a huge pleasure to be part of this incredible organization that is really shaping the future TODAY!"

Lucas Troia, CBC Director International Relations LATAM

Regional Sales Director, Enphase Energy

Eicke Weber round.png
Eicke Weber round.png
Elite Member icon.png

"Thanks to its unique Human To Human concept that focuses not only on business but also combines it with meaningfulness and joy, CBC has revolutionized the DNA of the CleanTech Industry.  I am honored to be a part of this mission to improve our world."

Mary O'Donnell "CleanTech Mama", CBC Honorary Chair of Empowering Women Hub

Founder & President, Clean Power Inc

Impact investor

Eicke Weber round.png
Eicke Weber round.png
Elite Member icon.png

"CleanTech Business Club is a beacon of light in the pursuit of a clean energy world, the determination and deep knowledge of its members producing a real force for change. We have no time to lose, so let’s roll up our sleeves and get to it. Be the change you want to see in the world."

Alexis Issaharoff, CBC Chair for South East Asia

Chief Renewable Energy Officer at J

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