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World CleanTech Day
& World CleanTech Awards

Announcement at Solar Solstice 2021

World CleanTech Day & World CleanTech Awards 

Announcement at Solar Solstice
June 21, 2021

Today on June 21, 2021 CleanTech Business Club Leaders from around the globe announce World CleanTech Day to celebrate every year the Solar Solstice and update the World on the advancements of the World's Transformation during The CleanTech Decade.


... and from now on, our one of its kind Solar Future Today Visionary Influencers Awards become World CleanTech Awards to honor not only Visionary Leaders, but also their Businesses, Technologies and Products that will drive The CleanTech Decade.


... and very soon, our new Global Platform based on Human To Human (H2H) Blockchain will compass you through this CleanTech Decade journey, by combining Business with Meaningfulness and Joy.


... Let's Keep in Touch as #TogetherWeAreStronger


Last but not least as "We cannot build the future without remembering the history" we joined forces with Our Friend Solar Historian John Perlin to work on the update of his "LET IT SHINE - The 6000 years story of solar energy".


More news to come on July 5, 2021 and as always Thumbs Up for Solar & CleanTech!


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