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Najoua Ajjour

Chair of Sustainable Art Initiative 

Najoua Ajjour combines traditional materials such as ceramics, coffee and sand with more modern, eclectic matter including body paint and umbrellas to draw connections between disparate places and people. Sustainable art is important for her, her goal is to raise awareness about recycling and how to create artworks with materials dedicated to waste. Create artistic works and use solar panels and create urban arts.

“Naj’s work features elements of pop art with a distinctly Arabic twist,”.

The French-born artist, whose family hails from the ancient Moroccan city of Fez. 

Ajjour studied art and then anthropology at university and lived for several years in Egypt. She moved to Dubai in 2011, where a stint of volunteering led to a chance encounter with one of her greatest heroes. 

She has the chance to meet during the Solar Business Club Black-Tiel Gala Dubai in 2019 the American singer-songwriter Akon, who is active not only in the art world but also in efforts to protect the environment, she decided to embark on a series of paintings featuring celebrities who have visited and inspired the UAE.

Ajjour has recently been experimenting with 3D street art. Favouring a striking palette that combines of soft, natural tones and bold primary colours, she illustrates the roles of tradition and culture in the modern world and how these connect us. 


Naj is also a volunteer for Sheikh Awad Ibn Mujrin every year during the "Emirates travel festival" where she meets more hero's around the world and she gets even more inspired.

Art Gallery

Falcon Love

The late Sheikh Zayed was in love with Falcon and it was his symbol.

The painting is made on coffee powder.

The Art Piece Price: 1.850 USD

La Vie en Rose

This painting is done on threads with sepia tones, Edith Piaf and Charles Aznavour were two very popular French singers who played with words.
In books often writters tell us that you have to read between the lines to understand the meaning of words, and in the texts by Edith Piaf and Charles Aznavour also delivered messages between the lines of their texts.

The Art Piece Price: 2.000 USD

H.H Sheikh Mohammed on coffee

This painting of H.H Sheikh Mohammed is done on more than 5000 coffee beans. Arabs are famous to love coffee and welcome their guests with coffee.

The Art Piece Price: 2.850 USD

The Leader on Sand

Painting made of sand, Like the vision of Sheikh Zayed, who from a country of sand built an empire.

The Art Piece Price: 2.100 USD


Stromae is a contemporary artist with a talent for genius, his universe is very controversial with very dark text and very colorful melody, the painting brings a very colorful side but with a very dark facial expression as in his texts.

The Art Piece Price: 1.000 USD

Hope ‘n’ Peace

President Nelson has fought all his life against apartheid and for equality between men in South Africa. The symbolism of the lines is the destinies that his battle has changed, with the dove of peace flying away.

The Art Piece Price: 2.800 USD

Um Kaltoum pop

Um Kalthoum was an Egyptian artist, a Diva who was idolatrous in her time like a queen, as in card games she is represented on both sides with pop colors contrasting her universe.

The Art Piece Price: 600 USD

Leave the Past behind and look at the future in the mirror


An icy-colored woman tries to find a balance in the lava of the suffering of her past.
To move forward in the future you must leave the past behind you, and for this painting you must leave it behind either and look in a mirror (or a phone reflexion) and Oscar Wilde's phrase “The difference between the saint and the sinner is that the saint has a past and the sinner has a future ”wi

The Art Piece Price: 2.400 USD


Ella Fitzerald, jazz singer known for her velvety voice. Painted on pearls symbol of sophistication and elegance.

The Art Piece Price: 2.000 USD

Future Under Proces

This painting is made from bolts and screws on acrylic and silver tape. The construction of the pass is only possible if we work on peace.

The Art Piece Price: 900 USD


This painting is done on 7 canvas, as in all monotheistic religions, God created the world in 7 days, God created the world without borders, this painting was partly painted in the United kingdoms,
in France, in Morocco, and in the UAE. Art has no borders, and the connection between it is the moon that can be seen from all countries (moon shape in the eys of the warrior).

The Art Piece Price: 2.450 USD


Coffee is always a connecting link to communication, and to move forward in peace you have to communicate. This painting represents Malala, Nobel Peace Prize winner on more than 10,000 coffee beans. Patience and communication are the two key words in this painting for peace.

The Art Piece Price: 3.400 USD

Dance of Gold and Emotions

4 canvas symbolizing the 4 seasons, where the sun shines and always brings these rays to brighten up our lives no matter the problems on our roads.

The Art Piece Price: 1.700 USD

Spin to the Future

Symbolic of the fact that we always turn in the pursuit of happiness, but destiny brings us back to what it foresaw.

The Art Piece Price: 1.200 USD


4 children laughing, the innocence of children despite the problems of life. Green symbol of hope.

The Art Piece Price: 1.750 USD

Skyline and reflexion of thoughts

The 5 paintings were painted during 5 different emotions, Joy, anger, sorrow, melancholy and love, symbolizing that the day always dawns despite our problems or our joys. Often we don't look at the reflections that can say a lot about our own thoughts.

The Art Piece Price: 2.450 USD


My niece is a warrior. When my sister was pregnant, the fetus had a heart attack and the doctors wanted to interrupt the pregancy thinking that the baby will never handle the delivery and will never be born, my sister refused the termination of pregnancy, and Hanae was born , she is now 7 years old, she is followed medically but thanks to a lot of love she find the strength to live.

The Art Piece Price: 2.300 USD


Paint on aluminum, representing the thinking man on all his emotions. Max the model is a survivor of breast cancer, cancer often associated with women. We worked on body-painting and photo sessions, then painted on aluminim, since he’ve been elected Mister Dubai 2020.

The Art Piece Price: 2.600 USD

Different but the same

Mix media sur aluminium, une personne peut avoir differente humeur selon les contraites de sa vie. mais au final elle restera toujours la meme personne.

The Art Piece Price: 2.500 USD

Samia and Farid

Two cinematographic icons of Arab cinema, Samia and Farid have made several films and the scene of the painting is where they get married, we see the joy and happiness of Samia, and the instinct of protection Farid towards his wife, the desire to always be present and make his wife happy, the frame is in traditional Moroccan mosaic

The Art Piece Price: 2.000 USD

The Future Starts Today, Not Tomorrow!

Painted by Najoua for Dr. Jane Goodall on behalf of Solar Future Today & CleanTech Business Club

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