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World CleanTech StartUPs Awards 2023 Honor "water stuff & sun" for Revolutionary Hydrogen Storage

"water stuff & sun GmbH" emerged as the winner of the World CleanTech StartUPs Awards 2023, showcasing their groundbreaking solution, "Reshaping the way we store, distribute, and use renewables with SFEERS and the hydrogen battery."

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The World CleanTech StartUPs Awards (WCSA2023) - Visionary Technology Disruptor (Paddy Padmanathan Award), brought together 32 startups from 21 countries across 5 continents, highlighting a diverse range of clean and disruptive technologies such as solar, storage, hydrogen, clean water, smart energy, e-mobility, IoT, AI, and more.

Powered by ACWA Power with strategic partnerships with Dii Desert Energy, CEA-INES (The French Solar Energy Institute), and the CleanTech Business Club, the WCSA2023 Awards judging panel included industry experts and leading CleanTech entrepreneurs. Their collective expertise ensured a rigorous evaluation process and the selection of the most deserving winners. Thomas Altmann, Executive Vice President - Innovation & New Technology at ACWA Power and Co-Chair of the Awards, highlighted why "water stuff & sun GmbH" was chosen as the winner, stating, "Their solution represents a significant advancement in hydrogen storage technology. By combining the power of SFEERS and the hydrogen battery, they have set a new standard in reshaping the storage, distribution, and utilization of renewables. As the leading developer, ACWA Power will recognize the winner and provide the opportunity to visit our offices in Dubai and meet our experts, supporting the next steps of idea development and innovation.”

The WCSA2023 Awards also acknowledged the exceptional achievements of the finalists, including Kiru Energy Limited (Nigeria) for their "Mini-Grid in the City™ (MGC)," SkyH2O Inc. (USA) for their "Water security, sustainability, and resilience," Advanced Dynamics Limited (Bangladesh) for their "Cassetex is a network of solar-powered battery swapping stations for 1.5+ million electric last-mile vehicles in Bangladesh," and Aed Energy Ltd (UK) for their "Lowering the cost of decarbonized power & heat." Looking ahead, the CEO of CEA-INES (The French Solar Energy Institute), Prof. Anis Jouini, and CBC Chair of CleanTech StartUp Hub and Chair of the Awards, announced plans for the future of the World CleanTech StartUPs Awards. They will kickstart CBC CleanTech StartUp Hub Mentoring Masterclasses and launch activities focused on helping startups scale up. Additionally, they are excited to announce the 1st World CleanTech StartUps Summit in mid-2024, featuring Face-to-Face pitching sessions, Masterclasses, and the WCSA2024 Awards Gala Ceremony. The next year's edition of the Awards will include more categories dedicated to specific technologies. The Awards Ceremony, held in Munich at the "Dii Get Together" co-hosted by TÜV SÜD, was a remarkable celebration of innovation and collaboration. It brought together industry leaders and experts who witnessed the exceptional innovations shaping the clean technology landscape. Thomas Korn, CEO of "water stuff & sun GmbH", expressed the significance of winning the WCSA2023 and its impact on their journey to scale up. With the support and recognition from the World CleanTech StartUPs Awards, they are confident in making a profound impact.

Congratulations to "water stuff & sun GmbH" for their exceptional achievement, and commendations to all the finalists for their groundbreaking contributions. These startups exemplify the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that drives the clean technology revolution!

See Full WCSA2023 Report - here



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