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Helping Turkey & Syria, let's prove that #TogetherWeAreStrogner is not just a slogan...

Dear CleanTech Business Club Members, Partners & Friends, let's prove that #TogetherWeAreStrogner is not just a slogan.

Our Friends in Turkey 🇹🇷 and Syria 🇸🇾 were faced with a deadly earthquake…

This is why CleanTech Business Club, Solarex İstanbul 2023 and Dii Desert Energy / Desertec3.0 took action together to help those in need in these countries.

There are three ways to help:

1. Turkey - if you would like to support the purchase/distribution of blankets, tents, food and other most urgent supplies -> you can do it through donations to:

-> AHBAP - one of the most reputable NGOs:

-> Or Earthquake Humanitarian Aid Campaign (organised by the government):

2. Turkey - if you would like to provide equipment (solar powerbanks, gas heaters etc)

-> please get in touch with the Solarex team that is coordinating the action/distribution with authorities (Contact person: Cüneyt Er email: phone/whatsapp: +90 531 277 98 35)

3. Syria - if you wish us to deliver Solar Lamps (a part of Solar Lights For Peace Campaign that we coordinate with UNDP’s Office you can make it through:

-> donation to Million Solar Stars account: click SUPPORT

-> purchase/distribution of a bigger amount of Solar Lamps on your behalf -> please contact Namene Solar team that will coordinate the action with the UNDP Office in #Syria (Contact person: Francesca Shirley email: phone/whatsapp: (+44 7564 033 185)

Every 10USD gets one light donated to a recipient.

Thank you on behalf of CBC, Solarex & Dii Desert Energy Members and Partners, but most importantly on behalf of those who need help.

PS. Please feel free to:

  • share/ repost this message through your social media accounts

  • share our Linkedin post -> click HERE

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