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Photo Gallery

Here you will find our Photo Gallery from CBC Organised & Partnering Events and Business Missions with our Leaders, Partners & Friends that received over half million views on Flickr.

Hear  from CleanTech Business Media Partner

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"CBC gathers a group of history makers working together in CleanTech decade. Storytelling is crucial to communicate the Manifesto #Declaration2030 vision, raising the awareness of ESG, and breaking the objections towards a Netzero goal. CleanTech Business Media is here to amplify the voice of thought leaders."

Weslei Vianna, CBC Director for Brazil & CleanTech Business Media Partner

Director, Filmmaker, Creator, THE CONTENT

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CleanTech Business Media (CBM) brings together Trusted Local Media Companies to produce high-value content for CBC Empowering Platforms. It also provides CBC Members & Partners with “One Stop Shop Media Services” worldwide

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