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Corporate Partnerships Rules & Benefits

CBC Corporate Partnerships are exclusively reserved for Companies lead by CBC Individual Members. 

Thus they and their Companies can benefit from “360 Degrees Branding”  (Actual Branding = Company / Products Branding + Leadership Branding) 

CBC helps The Leaders in:

  • Shaping process and implementation of their visions

  • Spreading their Thought-leadership mindset to the World  

  • Facilitating erection of new business ideas

  • Building leadership level relationship within and outside the industry 

  • Transforming themselves from Leaders of Niche Industry to The Leaders of the World’s Transformation

and we help Their Companies & Organizations in:

  • Getting Access to Investors & Financial Institutions

  • Getting Access to the new Disruptive Technologies and Business Models 

  • Getting Access to 360 Degrees Branding

  • Generating New Businesses & Partnerships

  • Becoming The Drivers of the World’s Transformation

CBC Corporate Partnerships also include benefits related to services provided by its Auxiliary Initiatives (CBE, CBI, CBSH, CBM & CLI) 

Actual Brand = Company & Products Brands + Leadership Brand

360 Degrees Branding


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