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Power of Human To Human !

Membership Rules & Benefits

CleanTech Business Club is a Private & Independent Club of The Leaders, cemented by their visionary DNAs, who recognize the importance of H2H (Human To Human) Relationship:

  • The Leaders with Visionary DNA

  • Openminded Disruptors

  • H2H Fair Players


As our ambition is to build “The Club of Trusted Leaders”, every Applicant for the Club's Full Membership shall be introduced by two other current Members, and her/his Application will be subject for approval by The Admission Committee. 

There are three Levels of Full Membership (Elite, Premium & Full) reserved to C-Level Leaders & Executives of CleanTech & other Disruptive Industries, but also Highly Ranked Leaders of Financial & Investors Community, “Big Corporates”, Energy Companies & Utilities as well as Political Decision-Makers and Public Opinion Influencers…

CBC eMembership is open to all professionals willing to grow their knowledge & skills and who are seeking to work on executive positions in the future.  It gives access to “CBC Exclusive eContent” (Videos, Webinars, Reports) and CBC Empowering Leaders eProgram by CleanTech Business Institute. 

Corporate Partnerships are exclusively reserved for Companies led by Individual Members of CleanTech Business Club.

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