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Diogo Ladvocat Negrão

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"CleanTech Business Club provides the platform to realize the rapid transformation of our global energy system to 100% RE!"

Diogo Ladvocat Negrão

Diogo Ladvocat Negrão

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Partner Low Carbon Economy - ESG

Carbon Asset Management

Capital Markets, Climate Change, Sustainable Finance, TCFD, ESG, Low Carbon Economy

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Thumb Joint Declaration of The Gloabl 10

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A world based on 100% Renewable Energy is possible, and we are able to transform the energy system fast enough to avoid the climate catastrophe!

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Solar​ Technology Status Update at The 1st World CleanTech Week eConvention 

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Setting Up Solar Cell & Modules Manufacturing Plant in Germany 

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"One stop shop" Technology Advisory for setting up a solar manufacturing plant.

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The Future of Silicon Solar Cells

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