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I would like to join the Cleantech Business Club because it is often the startup companies who come up with disruptive ideas and and inventions and we would like to partner with corporate companies for product development because together we are stronger. It is only then we we find solutions for global and business challenges and work towards potential global prosperity.

Ali Liban

Ali Liban

Prospera Generation ( startup)
Clean energy redesigns
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  1. The design of disruptive inventions goes through different stages which takes many years.
  2. I am an inventor from currently based in Saudi Arabia . Energy shortage is a major cause of poverty in Africa and other developing regions. I studied engineering in the UK in the 1970s through a Somali government and British Council scholarship. What impressed me most about the UK and Europe was the availability of water, electricity, health services and other basic needs. This planted in me a desire to do something for the communities I had left behind in Africa. There had to be an alternative and I decided to drop out and move back to Somalia and Ethiopia and search for technology solutions. I chose to work on energy and water shortages affecting millions of people in our region. I felt like an explorer without a map. But the problem was too large to ignore and deep down I believed help would come from someone somewhere. It was a crazy decision but someone had to tackle the challenge and I could hear a voice inside me say that person had to be me. I could not rest and had to move back to Somalia in spite of the insecurity and other risks.
  3. Twenty years ago I set for myself a personal challenge to find a lasting solution. The inventions I am working on have therefore deep origins. I had no conscious creativity plan when I started work on the inventions. But now after a recent research on the subject of innovation I find that I was actually unconsciously following a well-documented process. Some specialists believe that the innovation process consists of only three stages while others say there are four stages or even seven stages according to others. I believe the seven stage process more suitably illustrates my case as shown below. This consists of preparation, investigation, transformation, incubation, illumination, verification and implementation stages.
  4. I later moved to Saudi Arabia which opened the opportunity to work on major desalination and power generation projects in Saudi Arabia as an engineer which exposed me to the high material, manpower and machinery cost of these mega projects. I often asked myself if there was a way of reducing these costs ? Such questions lay the foundation for the inventions. I set one major agreement with myself. I had to work on major global challenges and solutions or not to work on inventions at all.
  5. I had little access to lab facilities and one day it dawned on me that I could use designs taken from natural systems to find solutions. I was ecstatic. Nature will be my work mate and it was available for study and exploration. Working on the inventions was liberating. I could work on concepts at any time and anywhere and almost in any situation. There was no need for offices or any fixed facilities. I was different from other engineers. I was working on major global challenges besides the normal work assignments. I felt I was doing more. At last I was working on somethings that depended solely on my personal input.



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