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Jean-Pascal Pham-Ba

Co-founder and CEO
Secretary General and Spokesperson at Terrawatt Initiative
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Co-Chair of Political Decision-Makers Exchange Platform Task Force
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There is an urgent need to reconcile economic efficiency and the common good. In this historic time, the 2030 UN Agenda and its 17 SGDs represent the only universal charter for our shared future. We need to embrace these global challenges ahead, now. No government, no company, no NGO can confront these challenges alone. We must act altogether.

Humanity has no choice but to decarbonise energy and invest massively in renewable energy and energy efficiency. But we must be able to meet this challenge within significant social constraints - that is, to lead the energy transition without increasing the burdens on citizens and consumers.
I believe we can collectively address this challenge by leveraging existing resources through bold policies, transversal business innovation, shared value principles, scaling up strategies, and meaningful communication.

For 25 years, I deployed legal and financial expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, designing innovative business models, partnerships, de-risking instruments, and financing schemes/investment products for the energy, infrastructure, technology and financial industries.
Acting internationally, I managed and advised on stakeholder relationships both at governmental/executive and working-level with public and private sector stakeholders in highly complex environments and built a strong network across the globe.
Leading international teams, my goal is to advise and support political leaders and governments to connect all dots, to empower citizens, businesses and communities in their sustainable transition strategies, to develop investment appetite for sustainable infrastructure assets, and to help all to build transversal communities to be the change they want to see in the world.


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