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Prof. Anis Jouini


ECM Greentech

Board Member at ESMC

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CBC Chair of CleanTech StartUP Hub

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"Spread The Sun"​ Ep2: Solar meets energy storage and other renewables to form a mix of energies!

Photovoltaics is becoming a major source of energy and the most widely installed energy production technology in the world. 

Some observers and analysts are talking about"CleanTech Disruption", an energy and environmental revolution underway. The challenges of the energy transformation are opening up numerous opportunities in the industry in France, in Europe and everywhere on the planet.

"Through "Spread The Sun", a mini-series of 4 episodes (a co-production with ©MELTED -, our CBC Visionary Diamond Partner CEA-INES (The French Solar Energy Institute) invites you to discover the personalities, ideas and technologies that inspire INES researchers, trainers and partners every day."

Today we invite you to watch its 2nd episode: "Photovoltaics solar energy meets storage and other renewables sources to form a mix of energies" you will hear from:

  • Salvatore Bernabei at ENEL GREEN POWER

  • Pablo Terrazas at CORFO

  • and Magali DAVENET at CEA INES / INES.2S

... and last but let me also re-invite you to the 1st Episode that we published last year and which features our CBC Visionary Leaders Tony Seba & Anis Jouini.

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