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CleanTech Business Club's Chinese Address


"Let's Lead The CleanTech Decade Together - #TogetherWeAreStronger"

On the occasion of SNEC 2021
June 3-6, 2021

In the first ever CBC message in Chinese Language to Solar & CleanTech Leaders in China, we refer to SNEC's 2017 Global Solar Leaders Forum in Shanghai, which we had disrupted with an intro of the film “Planet Power” and referred to Nostradamus saying that

"from now on The World will never be the same as it was in the past.   We enter in a disruptive period, and The World will turn either into a positive or a negative direction… and it is very important that right now Visionary Solar & CleanTech Leaders with strong DNA unite and work hand by hand not only on national level but also internationally."


Since six years we have been Uniting Leaders Around The World, and it was always very difficult to explain them what the true disruption is, as they have always been busy and often they thought that their businesses will be growing stabile forever. 


Today, with the impact of COVID-19, people could understand what a negative disruption actually means and how important it is that Strong Visionary Leaders with positive mindset unite and define the joint vision, strategy and action plan together.... 


We at CBC truly believe that with our strong DNAs and Joint Vision we can turn a negative COVID-19 disruption into a positive CleanTech Disruption during the current CleanTech Decade ... (... more in the above video address that also includes English subtitles)

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