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Solar Business Club Chairmen & CEOs Enclave Global Strategy Business Lunch


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WHEN: Monday, June 3 from 12:00 - 13:30 

WHERE: Pudong Ballroom 4-7 in Kerry Pudong Hotel Shanghai (SNEC Conferences Venue) 

DRESS CODE: Business Formal & National Clothes

PARTICIPANTS:  TOP 80 Selected Top Ranked Chairmen and CEOs

CO-HOSTING PARTNERS: Solar Business Club, SICES Solar, SolarJuice 

CO-HOSTING ORGANIZATIONS: The Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA), Global Solar Council, The Global Green Energy Industry Council (GGEIC), New Energy Industry Association Asia Pacific (NEIAAP)

REGISTRATION: Exclusive SBC Members & Partners Event

IMPORTANT: Detailed Program coming soon, for more information please contact us HERE

THE GOAL: Following Solar Business Club’s Masterplan 2019 - 2030 and in close Partnership with the Industry Leaders and Leaders of International, Regional and National Industry Associations, to Strategize Industry Common Vision 2030 and respective Action Plan in order to Anticipate CleanTech Disruption.

…considering Technology, Financial & New Business Models Aspect as well as Convergence of Disruptions in Other Industries (Associated Clean Technologies, IT and Digitalization or Artificial Intelligence)


Following Shanghai’s Initial Brainstorm, “The Joint Strategy 2030” will be further developed on the occasion of events enumerated bellow, and the its final version shall be agreed in January 2020 in Abu Dhabi on the occasion of WFES 2020. 

“The Joint Strategy 2030” will be announced on the occasion of Dubai Expo 2020 & will be accompanied by Premiere of 30 Minutes Length Film “From Billion$ To Trillion$ - Anticipating CleanTech Disruption”


1. Chairmen & CEOs Enclaves (Business Aspects)

  • Strategy Business Lunch (North America) in September in Salt Lake City (at SPI) 

  • Strategy Business Lunch (Australia) in October in Melbourne (at All Energy) 

  • Strategy Business Dinner (India) in November in Bangalore (at Intersolar India) 

2. The 1st CleanTech Disruptors World Annual Summit - Driving Technology Convergence (Technology Aspects) in September in Marseille, France (at 33rd EUPVSEC)

3. From Billion$ To Trillions - Financing CleanTech Disruption Summits Series (Financial Aspects):

  • 1st Summit Latin America in August in Sao Paulo, Brazil (at Intersolar SA)

  • 1st Summit Africa, December in Dakar, Senegal (in partnership with Greening The Islands) 

  • 2nd World Annual Summit in Abu Dhabi in January 2020 (at WFES)


“The Joint Strategy 2030” will also be presented in 30 Minutes Length Film “From Billion$ To Trillion$ - Anticipating CleanTech Disruption” produced during the above events, and locations at The Most Disruptive Solar & CleanTech Companies. The Film will be Premiered at Dubai Expo 2020. 

Memories from Shanghai 2015-2018

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