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The Club at Global Solar+Storage


In South Korea (Seoul & Jeonju) in June 2019

June 24-25, 2019

SBC Partner Event

Global Solar + Energy Storage Congress 2019

Highly recommenced event organized by Leader Associates featuring the joint "Leader Associates & Solar Business Club Cocktail Party” (June 24, 2019) 

June 24-25, 2019

SBC in Jury & Awards Ceremony at Global Solar + Energy Storage Congress 2019 in Seoul

June 27, 2019

SBC Exclusive Events & Activities

  • SBC South Korea Chairmen Lunch in Jeonju

  • SBC Meeting with Saemangeum Development & Investment Agency hosted by Administrator & Vice-Minister Ms. Kim Hyun-Suk

  • MOU between SBC, SEGI Environment and Woosuk University 

  • SBC Visit of Purification & Floating Testing Site by SEGI Environment

with special thanks to 


Leaders in South Korea

Ki-Hae Yang

CEO at Segi Solar Environment

Role in Solar Business Club

Chair for South Korea & Co-Chair of Floating Solar Special Task Force

Chang-Hoon Suh

Chairman at Woosuk University & President, Jeonbuk Daily Newspaper Company

Role in Solar Business Club

Vice-Chair for South Korea

Exclusive Events & Activities

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