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Agenda 2019

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Solar Business Club is known from its Exclusive Flagship events and activities: 

  • Solar Business Club Summits and Forums held worldwide accompanied by Black-Tie Galas and featuring  


Financing CleanTech Disruption Summits

  • Solar Business Club Private Dinners 

  • Visionary Sessions and Executive Debates and CEO Talks by Solar Business TV 

  • Solar Business Club Lounges at the Key Partnering Conferences & Exhibitions 

  • Solar Business Club Chapters and Task Forces events and activities on regional & country levels 

  • Empowering Leaders Trainings & Workshops 


Together we are stronger principle !

Solar Business Club Events & Activities are organized in close cooperation with:

  • Most influential Regional & National - Solar, Renewable & CleanTech Industry Associations 

  • Key Events: Intersolar Global, SNEC, SPI, All Energy, Leader Associates

  • Key Media on international and local levels  

... and thanks for being with us !

MAY 2019


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May 15-17, 2019

SBC Partner Event

Intersolar Europe 2019, a part of The Smarter E Europe

May 16, 2019

SBC Exclusive Event

The 3rd SBC Black-Tie Gala Munich "Leading The World's Transformation Together!"

SBC at Dii Event

Match Making & Dii Style Roundtable Sessions

  • Two SBC Chapters Roundtables

May 15-17, 2019

Other SBC activities at Intersolar Europe 2019

  • SBC Lounge 

  • Solar Business TV CEOs Talks

with special thanks to 

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MAY 2019


May 23-24, 2019

SBC Partner Event

Europe Solar + Energy Storage Congress 2019 

Highly recommenced event organized by Leader Associates featuring the joint "Leader Associates & Solar Business Club Cocktail Party” (May 23, 2019)

May 22, 2019

SBC Exclusive Event

SBC Italy Kick-Off Private Dinner

May 23-24, 2019

Other SBC activities at Europe Solar + Energy Storage Congress 2019

  • SBC Lounge 

  • Solar Business TV CEOs Talks

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