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Made in Germany for more than 95 years!

Kopp in Kahl am Main has been developing, manufacturing and selling electrical engineering products for the wholesale trade and DIY sectors in Germany and abroad since 1927. 

The target group includes both electrical installers supplied through the traditional wholesale trade as well as DIY enthusiasts supplied by DIY stores. For this reason, products are available that have been specifically developed and designed for each target group. Furthermore, special, customer-specific products and solutions are developed, produced and delivered in collaboration with industry customers according to their specifications.

Therefore, with over 7,000 articles, Heinrich Kopp GmbH offers a broad spectrum of products, from simple plugs to mobile devices such as adapters and socket strips, to innovative radio systems for electrical installations. The assortment competence focuses on the wide range of switch programmes for the trade and the DIY channel with a comprehensive product range, from simple light switches, to sockets for various countries to high-quality electronic components such as dimmers, motion detectors and timers.

In German-speaking countries, Kopp is one of the leading companies for electrical installation products. In the DIY store sector, virtually the entire spectrum of electrical equipment requirements is covered. In the trade sector, the company focuses on core products in the area of switch programmes, mobile personal safety switches for construction sites and the e‑mobility sector, distribution boxes and high quality socket strips.
In addition to stock articles, Kopp also develops and produces customer-specific electrical solutions, such as industrial power strips, the PERCEDOS safety switch for use in electric vehicles and motor switches that can be installed in electrical devices.

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