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CleanTech Business TV

Here you will find our CBC Leaders Talks, Visionary Panel Discussions but also reports from CBC Organised or Partnering Events, Business Missions and more... Our videos received almost six hundred thousand views on YouTube only


CleanTech Business TV's high-value content is produced by CleanTech Business Media's local partners across the globe, but also by our Members and Business, Strategy & Knowledge Partners from across the globe.

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CleanTech Business Media (CBM) brings together Trusted Local Media Companies to produce high-value content for CBC Empowering Platforms. It also provides CBC Members & Partners with “One Stop Shop Media Services” worldwide

Hear  from CleanTech Business Media Partner

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"CBC gathers a group of history makers working together in CleanTech decade. Storytelling is crucial to communicate the Manifesto #Declaration2030 vision, raising the awareness of ESG, and breaking the objections towards a Netzero goal. CleanTech Business Media is here to amplify the voice of thought leaders."

Weslei Vianna, CBC Director for Brazil & CleanTech Business Media Partner

Director, Filmmaker, Creator, THE CONTENT

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