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What is CleanTech Business Club?

CleanTech Business Club formerly known as Solar Business Club is a Private & Independent Human To Human (H2H) Leadership Club, that brings together Trusted Leaders of CleanTech & other Disruptive Industries with The Leaders of the Financial & Investor Community, “Big Corporates”, Energy Companies & Utilities as well as Political Decision-Makers and Public Opinion Influencers.


Driven by the Power of H2H and United DNA, CleanTech Business Club Leaders Anticipate, Shape, and Lead The World’s Transformation in order to build The Sustainable+ World 100 through:

  • Reinforcing H2H Relationships amongst The Leaders of:

    • CleanTech and other Disruptive Industries (e.g. FinTech, AI, Blockchain, IoT…) 

    • Financial & Investor Community

    • Politics on International, Countries & Local Levels

    • “Big Corporates” and other impacted industries (e.g. Construction & Infrastructure, Real Estate, Architects, Agro & Food…) 

  • “Exploring Together” Opportunities & Challenges related to CleanTech Disruption & Exponential Growth 

  • Erecting New Financial Instruments & Business Models that will drive the World’s Transformation 

  • Forming Strategic Partnerships & Businesses between CBC Members

  • Helping Energy Industry & Utilities' Leaders to transform their businesses into CleanTech

  • Empowering CleanTech Leaders from Leaders of Niche Industry to the Leaders of World's Transformation

  • Cultivating a CleanTech Business Lifestyle that combines Business with Meaningfulness and Joy

  • Cementing “The Leadership Group” that will lead The World’s Transformation!

Power of Human To Human !


Why CleanTech Business Club? 

CleanTech Disruption and its convergence with disruptions in other industries have already an immense impact on Solar & CleanTech Industries and especially on their Leadership.   


When reaching "tipping points" our industries' growth will accelerate exponentially, creating exponential opportunities but also challenges related to disruptively changing business environment. 

While driving the Change of the World's Paradigm, CleanTech Business Leaders will be faced with:

  • shortage of time and more stressful business environment 

  • dynamically changing and unbalanced "supply / demand" environment 

  • a misunderstanding from their "linearly thinking" Supervisors who do not understand technology disruption realities 

  • hunting by competitors of their companies key executives / managers & sales people

  • overwhelming "SPAM like business proposals"


At the same time they have to:

  • change their mindset from "linear" to "exponential" thinking

  • change their technology mindset (from "innovation" towards "disruption")

  • be open to the new disruptive business models and financial instruments, but also "unusual" business solutions to Scale Up “From Billions To Trillions” 

  • build solid and trustful personal relationships with Visionary CleanTech Leaders but also with other impacted stakeholders. 

Here comes CleanTech Business Club, a Business Arm of Solar Future Today which helps CleanTech Business Leaders to Anticipate, Shape and Lead the World's Transformation. 

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